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Heat Wave!

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my city is about average so i dont really bitch too much about the weather even tho i cannot stand heat and love the snow (which we get a shitload of being right in the middle of 3 of the great lakes) its usually about 25-30 all summer and about minus 20-25 all winter....so its pretty decent

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I hate hot weather.
I hate cold weather.


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You know about that weird vapor effect you see when you look down a street on a really hot day? Now imagine that sort of effect in a Doom map...

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Well, just don't live in big cities, they're the haven for hot weather. Especially London(UK) in summer, all the smog mixed up with the humidity is pretty chaotic.

I'm smack in the middle of England and we've experienced 26-28c this weekend, that's our hottest so far.

I was watching CNN and its like 44c in Miami?!?!? woah...

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