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last (home)stand

so the NY mets have ended what could possibly be the last homestand of the season. the day they come back home is the deadline for the strike. it also happens to be the day of my birth. so now it looks like I could be out of a job.

now I can understand the teachers, nurses, even the nypd and fdny (who happen to get the lowest wages in the country) crying foul over labor disputes. baseball players I have a problem with. not only do they put their fans out, but also the people who work for them (me). all this over a luxury tax. so what if you get taxed for having a large payroll. thats the price you pay for being rich.

arrrgghhh! it just bugs the hell out of me. I'm on hold till aug. 30th. if I go out and get another job now, what happens if they don't strike? what if they strike, I get a job and the strike ends? ehh. don't mind me. just need to let out some steam.

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