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Decked-out Cases

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pritch said:

Actually, IIRC he used liquid nitrogen to cool it.

Actually, that's not as crazy as it sounds.

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It's christmas (argh) in a few months, so forget the fancy case mods and just wrap it in fairy lights.

If you're even more adventurous, why not glue wings to each side and hang your case from the ceiling like it's a model aeroplane.

Stone cladding might look quite nice.

I've got a 3PC LAN. Maybe i could bolt each case to the wall like they're flying ducks or something.

My cases are actually covered in Powerpuff Girls stickers, but you can blame my 5 year old son for that!

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Nah, Christmas lights on the case would look pretty gay. No, If I do something when I get a new case it will probaly be just installing a window, maybe with a biohazard etching for the window, and a neon light on the inside. If I have the means to do so, carving the doom logo on the other side might be cool. All that together is only 30 bucks.

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