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Ok, the following story was written by me about three four years ago, and then rewritten later to be a series, which it did not become. So, umm, the bad style in it is, umm, just that. Enjoy! =)

-=DOOM X=-

"Why are they attacking the base now?", Jeff asked himself while running.
"Had to be someday. Well, look on the bright side,", I said optimistically.
Jeff stopped running and gave me the look, "How can we be optimistic while our family and friends are being attacked by hellspawn?!?"
My turn to give the look, "Because we'll be attacking the enemy from behind!"
Before me and Jeff could say anything else, David caught up to us and huff puffed out, "No.. time! Base... being.. attacked! Run... need.. help!", David finished and started to run ahead. You see, we had a day off from killing and protecting and decided to go do something fun. So we went to get some video games from Microplay (a video game store that was shut down via the hellspawn.). After a little time in the store, an explosion directed our attention to the mall across the street and watched in shock as a troop of hellspawn marched into our base!
When we got there, I noticed the defense systems were down. Not destroyed, but down. They were fixing it when we left. Figures the hellspawn decided to attack when were guard was down. Suddenly, I slipped on some grease, or was it blood, and discovered the head of Shawn Douber, the bases expert on electronics. I shut my eyes, letting my guard down for a sec, then stood back up. I looked at Jeff and David. Both were grim. Jeff unslung his AB-10 and readied his AK-47 for backup while David grabbed his Rocket Launcher from his back, and unclipped the Sniper rifle's holder. As for me, I tossed on my Imp gloves and Turned on the Baron of Hell plasma launchers, just in case. Finishing the session of readiness, we marched into the doors. Immediately afterward, we heard the familiar sound of Imp clicking. Gotta love a loud enemy. Well, somewhat. I turned to Jeff to see how to approach. Jeff was in his total combat/camo gear. I could barely make out his eyes under his thick brown hair. But just enough to see his eyes motion for me to go first. I gave him a small nod, and walked forward carefully...

* * *

Looking at Denver as he slowly moved forward, I wondered why he ever became the weirdo parts collector he became. Don't get me wrong, he CAN fight better then most of the people in the base, but it still strikes me as odd when someone wears the hands of Imps and the plasma launchers of a Baron of hell. I guess I'll have to ask him... that is, if I'm still alive after this...

* * *

Why do I always bring up the rear? It's always Denver first, Jeff next and me last. I don't even know why I was assigned to this group. Denver is 17 and Jeff is 16. So why me, a 14 year old, working with kids just a few years older? This is war. Hellspawn of human being fought, it's the same thing all the... Hun? Something's up ahead...

* * *

Three Imps, Two Demons, six Zombies, two of our own turned already, and a partridge in a pear tree (the last part isn't really... well you know.) I turned to look to Jeff who, in turn, looked to David. Time to plan for battle.
"We shoot, you wait.", Jeff said to me.
"What?", I said, not being too loud.
Before I could say another word, Jeff stood and let the bullets fly. David might have not have looked as good as Jeff when he attacked, but still he readied the Rocket Launcher, and aimed for the back of the enemy. I still think Sniper and Explosives are a weird combo. I wonder why he aiming behind them... oh well. He's the expert, and knows what he's doing... I hope. I still remember the first time we met... well, no time for that.
"Eat rocket!", yelled out David as he fired off the rocket.
The rocket passed by Jeff, who, on cue, dropped to the ground. The explosion blew dust and blood everywhere. I stood up and realized why he aimed behind them. From the settling dust and Blood walked out a Baron of Hell. I looked to David, who looked at me. Only rocket. Damn. Then, as if on cue, Jeff's guns clicked empty.
"Well, it's my turn.", I said and stood with sword ready.

* * *

Only three things stopped me from shooting that smug face from Denver for being so.. SO... Ahhhhhhhh! I can't stand it! Oh yeah, the reasons. One, David would see. Two, he is my best bud. Three? Out of ammo. Oh, isn't that interesting, the Baron launched a plasma blast at him. Wow. He just blocked the attack, and cuts off the arm. There goes the other one. Leg one, two, and finally head. Now isn't that interesting. 3 seconds, and already he's done showing off..
"Yeah Denver,", I said in as bad a tone as I could muster, "we KNOW your the best."
Denver, now done, gave me another one of his 'looks'. While his one of his 'looks' might be able to give a zombie a rash, the 'looks' I can give have been proven to scare off an Imp. Ok, so the whole base was behind me weapons ready. I still say it was the 'look'.

* * *

Why Jeff and Denver were friends, I'll never know. Fighting and showing off all the time, it a wonder how they haven't shot at each other... unless they already have... Some things I'll never understand. Like why an army came walking into our base, and only the small opposition...

* * *

Looking down at Muffin, I wondered why they would do such a thing to a defenseless cat. The blood was pouring from the wound to the chest, and her life signs were going fast. Brain activity was still up though. If only I could... well, why not!
I looked to Jeff, who, for once, looked sorry for me, "Get a Lost Soul in the best condition you can get!", I yelled at him. He knew that I meant business, and didn't even ask why.
It was funny, I thought while I moved to the working space, that the opposition was so low when we got here. What happened? and where is the rest of the base crew? Oh well, I have work to do.

* * *

A place to work for a few days? I didn't even ask why he wanted that Lost Soul. The best I could find was missing the lower jaw and was dented a little. Well, it looks like were the only survivors of the attack. It's weird. I don't even feel sad, and it's been three days. David doesn't look too good, but a lot better then he should. We were, after all, the last of Team X. I looked over at David again and watched as he reloaded the Rocket Launcher faster and faster. A good skill to have when time counts. He didn't seem to be enjoy it too much. As for me, I'm just standing, keeping watch at the patched up doors and making sure the systems read nominal. It almost didn't surprise me when a Lost Soul flew past my face, circled around, and stared into my eyes. I couldn't see him, but I knew that David had risen to his feet.
"Muffin, I thought I told you not to disturb Jeff.", Denver said, smiling.
Yet again, he did something with out telling us. I then noticed that Denver even installed blue burning flames in the eye sockets. This is one of the few times Denver deserved credit. Too bad I wasn't going to give him it.
"Nice. You wanted to show us something?", I said, as if I wasn't really interested.
"Yeah.. come.", and he walked off.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say he didn't want credit for Muffin.

* * *

"We have a big problem.", I said to Jeff and David, "The hellspawn took the reactor. If we don't get it back really soon, the backup will blow, the place will light up worse then an X-mas tree, and we will all be screwed."
"Great, and the good news?", Jeff asked me.
"We had 5 days from the attack, which gives us a day and a half."
"Nice. I said the GOOD news."
"That is the good news.", I pressed the hologrid button, and a schematic of Sudbury appeared. I pointed and the computer zoomed in. Two schools lit up in red, "These are the places that the hellspawn came from."
"You mean, Churchill and Cambrian?", David asked, leaning forward.
"Yep. Just like we chose our base, the hellspawn have chosen theirs. Mainly, schools. It's actually intelligent, if that's possible for them."
"Oh, it is.", Jeff blurted in, "They could use the classes and the Gyms for housing their creation facilities."
I nodded, "Now. Churchill MAY be the one we want, but I can't be sure. But because Cambrian is too fortified, more like a main base, we cannot attack it. So the choice has already been made. As for command, I'm in charge unless I say against or can't speak at all. Jeff, your second. If I go, I want you to take over. David,", I looked over to him, "If me and Jeff die, you take Muffin here,", I pointed to the floating head of what was once a cat, "Get fully armed and take down as many of them as you sure as hell can."
"What if Muffin dies?", David asked me.
"She can't. Don't have time to explain why right now, but she can't."
Jeff looked to me, "You mean, even if the entire earth is wiped clean of hellspawn and humans, your cat will still be alive?"
I nodded, "Yep."
"Damn! This is the only time you will ever hear this from me, but good job! Your pet will out live you!", he finished off.
If I hadn't known better, I swear he actually meant it...

* * *

Using the rest of the day to get ready, watch for attacks, and sleep, we were ready to go. The trip to the school was uneventful, but now...
"Denver! Duck!", I yelled to Denver as he suddenly ducked an incoming fireball. Denver looked to me and, with only a look, thanked me. He put on his Imp gloves. Next time a fireball passed over head, he would catch it. I looked over to Jeff who was using his AB-10 ammo like air. I got the launcher ready, just in case a Baron of, god forbid, a Cyberdemon came along. I shuddered, knowing that we would almost certainly meet up with one, and I wasn't ready for it. By the looks of Jeff, he isn't either. I looked to Denver, and watch as he caught a fireball and tossed it into his flaming mucus holder for future use. He raised his arms, and flipped on the Baron launcher. He winced for just a second as the wrist band stabbed him with needles, sucked out some blood, converted it to energy, and shot off the red energy into the hapless Imps. After the fight, there were 14 Imps and 4 Demons. No zombies though. I wonder why...

* * *

"Yeouch! Them Baron Launchers are really hard on the wrists.", I yelled to Jeff who just smiled back.
The side door was finally cleared. I looked at Jeff who looked at David. Time to go in. I went first, carrying the Imp mucus I had just caught moments before in my Imp gloves. I was going to have to thank David better later for saving my butt. Later. Entering the remains of the doors, I could see the direct route was blocked. The ceiling was taken down right at the boys Washroom was. It was also the way to the Gym where the reactor should be. I looked to my left, and saw that at least the way to the classroom hall was still in one piece. Looking down the hall, I could see that most of the doors had been caved in, and only one that I could see was still open. Actually, it was wider. Looks like the hellspawns main door. I looked to the class and signed Jeff and David to say and cover my back while I checked the class. The sound of Cacodemons hissing was what I met, and looked around the corner for just a sec. Luck for me, Cacos are so dumb that someone could stick their head around a corner for a sec or two, and even if they were looking right at you, they would only react after a sec or two later. Plenty of time. I spun around the corner, threw off the mucus at the closest Caco, and spun back around the corner. The sounds of Cacos fighting greeted my ears. After all was silent, I took out my Caco eye, and entered the room. One weak looking caco was left and spat one electrical ball at me. It never hit. I spun the caco eye, and the electric current bounced off it and smashed into the caco. It, instantly, popped. I looked back to Jeff and David. Come to me. I looked around the room, and wondered why no other opposition was attacking. That was, after all, a loud fight. Then again, hellspawn must be used to it by now. A sudden glimmer caught my eye and I walked over. Must have been a Mancubus in here too. I smiles and hacked off what was left of the organic parts, and strapped the two metallic things to the side of my legs. Later, I could configure the guns to fire for me. But right now, were off. Jeff looked to me, and just shook his head. I smiled, so happy to find such a great find. So much so that I hadn't even noticed the hole, that I suddenly fell into, until I was already falling.

* * *

Suddenly, Denver disappeared into a hole in the floor. I gasped and ran over. I looked into the hole and yelled down. Nothing. I turned on my light and tried to see. Nothing. It was as if the hole it's self was keeping us from contacting him... no. I was just being paranoid. I looked to David, "Umm... he's OK. Well get him out after we get the reactor.", I told him.
David looked to me and sighed out, "But what if he's..."
"He's not. Lets keep going. After all, he can't speak right now.", I smiles, and so did David. We walked from the class into a hole in the wall. From there, we saw the area to the Gym. From in the class, I thought I heard thudding. But now I KNOW the sound. I looked over to David, who shook his head. Not enough ammo. Damn. Hope Denver's doing better then us...

* * *

THUD. I hit the ground hard. But not as hard as I should have. I looked up. 80 feet? What the hell? How did I survive that? I shook my head, no time for that now. I stood and looked around. Less then 8 feet in front of me was a tunnel which led to a green colored room. Weird. I sighed and lifted my sword. I made a small check of my stuff. No damage. Looking toward the room, I could tell that it wasn't rock like the stuff around me. It was more like metal. Clean metal. Not something the hellspawn would use... oh well. I walked to the room and peeked my head in. A large room, almost like the bridge off of Star Trek. Five chairs, two in the front facing the front wall, two facing the back, and one in the center. I always choose the middle one. Walking over to the chair, I glanced around for any sign of life. None. Either the hellspawn didn't know about this, or they didn't want it. Either way, I had better check it out. I sat in the chair. Immediately, a panel opened on the chair. A bunch of what looked like buttons. They were marked, but not in English. In fact, it looked like it was marked in 3D writing. Cool. Too bad I ain't no scientist. I started to stand, but was suddenly pushed back into the chair! A Trap? No... the hellspawn don't do traps. Suddenly, my mind started to think about Jeff and David. Did the stay at the hole, or did they forge ahead like I wanted them to? The front wall shimmered, and a picture of Jeff and David came up. They were at the entrance to the Gym. Didn't look to happy. I wonder why... What the!? The wall changed again. It looks like the Gym. That sound... a Cyberdemon! On the screen, a giant hellspawn only known as a Cyberdemon walked past a bunch of creation tanks, where the hellspawn create more of themselves. A green glimmer caught my attention. The wall changed again, and zoomed in on the glimmer. It was the reactor! Great, but what now? I tried to stand again, with no avail.
Do not try to escape. I am not your enemy.
I looked around. Weird. "Who are you?", I asked.
Echoing from all around, even in my mind came the answer. I am one of many. Two of five. I am Titianius.
Titianius? Weird name...
Weird? I thought it would be ominous.
I blinked, letting that sink in, "You can hear my thoughts?"
Dude... "Ummm.... so.... what do you want?"
I have searched for the one who will help me escape the prison of earth and seek the stars once more. You are that person.
Nice. So why... oh wait... "So why me?"
Your DNA matches the required string to operate this ship.
"Ship? You mean... your a Space Ship!?"
What does that mean?
Well ummm.... "Never mind. So, will you let me go?"
I cannot. If you leave, you will not come back.
"I'll come back. How about this, I'll be your friend. If you let me go, I'll come back here and get you out of your jam, OK?"
......OK. I will release you on the terms that you come back at a later time.
"Great. So where's the...", suddenly a green light zapped me, and I suddenly found myself behind Jeff and David. I smiled and asked, "Why haven't you killed the Cybe yet?"

* * *

I'm going to shoot him one day. "What the hell!? How did you get out?", I asked him.
Denver just shrugged, "Tell ya later. But right now...", I nodded to the door.
"We don't have the ammo for it.", David blurted.
Denver smiled, and took out something from his back pack. An Arch-vile head! They explode with the force of a few thousand sticks of dynamite! I asked, "What about the reactor?"
"It's just like Muffin. It can't be destroyed. Tell why later.", and with that, he tossed in the head. We ran like bats out of hell, no pun intended, and ducked behind a reinforced wall. Almost as if on cue, the sound of the Cyberdemon started up toward the door. It never got there.


The explosion racked the school, and sounds of some areas collapsing could be heard. I chuckled. Denver looked to me, and just shook his head. We headed back to the Gym... or what was left of it. You will not guess what we saw. The Cybe was still in one piece! Dead, but in one piece. Denver looked at the body, and hacked off it's rocket arm. He smiles, and put it in the back pack. Later, he could patch it up and use it himself. Funny, David's the explosives expert. Oh well. A glimmer of green caught my eye and I walked over. There, lying on the ground in one piece, was a Fish bowl like thing with green lids on both ends. Inside was what looked like green slime to me, but Denver knew better. It was the reactor. I looked to Denver and he nodded, picking the reactor up. I looked over to the far wall, and saw... well... no wall at all. I smiled and so did David. The easy way out.

* * *

All I could think of was that the three heroes walked into the sun set. I looked to Denver and then to Jeff. Both were determined. I asked Denver, "What next?"
He chuckled, "Our next move is on Cambrian. I'll tell you more when we get a rest at the base."
Jeff turned to Denver, "So, what happened to you when you fell?"
Denver turned to Jeff, "I fell 80 feet, landed without damage, saw a green colored room, met a Space Ship called Titianius and..."
"Forget it,", Jeff said, "I'm sorry I asked."


The end?

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Hi again! I found an Ep2 that I thought was lost, but was actually on my site. :) Anywho, here's the second episode, and the last one made. Enjoy! =)

Episode 2: DOOM X

A fire ball passed over head. I ducked and wondered why David hadn't told me about it. I looked over to Jeff, and saw him looking at me, but not with normal eyes, no. His eyes glowed a dark and creamy blood red. I gasped and turned to look at David. But when I turned, the face of a Spider Master Mind was an inch from mine. I knew that this one was THE one, the one that took my dad and now it had me...


I slamed my fist down on the alarm and sighed. I was a dream... thats all... just... a dream. Something stirred from the end of the bed. I smiled as Muffin flew from where she was sleeping and floated beside my head, "Good morning Muffin."

Steping out of bed and walking to the washroom, I studied my face in the mirror. Just a dream... It was all a dream...
"Well well, took you long enough!", Jeff said to me as I entered the main hall of the retrofited mall/base. I looked to him and smiled, "Yep, it did.", as I sat down on my chair.

David went first, "I checked out the Cambrien area and so far, it doesn't look good...", he turned on the holo table which automaticly displayed Cambrien Collage in it's 3D greatness, "By the looks of it, this place is a major spot for hellspawn. It might even be the hive. By the size of swarms and the ammount of Zombies, their may even be a...", he gulped, "Spider Master Mind."

Jeff even gulped and I knew why. Spider Master Minds are the worse thing for a short handed Team to fight. Even a full handed one ain't gonna do much. I stood up and Jeff and David looked at me. I smiled and said, "We attack in 3 days. That gives us enough time to get ready and, hopefully, for me to finish my work.", I noded at the two and left the room.

I walked to the lab door and remembered the time Dad first let me into the Lab. During the war that is. But memories are the past and I... we have to Prepare for the future. I opened the door and steped in. It was going to take a while, but the work HAD to be done.
"Finally! It's done.", I said to myself. I raised the Napalm Launcher that a Mancubus once had. It had taken all day and most of the night, but it was done. I looked over to Muffin who floated up from her resting spot. She did a little 360 and smiled knowing I was happy, "Thank you Muffin. Now to test them out.", I walked to the testing area, Muffin floating behind me a few feet. I loaded the test program and the target poped out from the floor. I took the large metal cylender and fliped the switch I had installed. From the back, the organic tisue used to keep the gun on the arm opened up. I stuck my hand inside and the tisue closed. A little tight, but oh well. I pointed my arm at the target effortlessly and clamped my fist inside the weapon. A small swish sound was all that entered the area as the Napalm was launched from the gun and smashed through the target. It worked. I pushed the switch and the gun relised my arm. Looking to Muffin, I was so happy that I had hardly noticed that she was in the body of a Lost Soul. I smiled again and said, "Lets go to bed."
The alarms startled me as I steped out of the Lab. It took me a second to relise that someone... or something had entered the base area. I ran to the defence grid and punched in my acess code. Jeff face apeared in the monitor, "We got a visitor and she looks human. What should we do?", I was taked aback and relised that it might be someone that survived. I shook my head a little, "Let her into the entry way, but no farther. I'll meet this person myself."

Jeff noded and the screen displayed it's black screen once more. Such an old thing, I don't know why we even bother with it. I walked to the entry way, a short trip, and turned the corner. She was inside already, wandering around from wall to wall, looking at the displays and what not. Then she looked to me. I hadn't changed from the lab, no time, so I would have looked like a scientist.

"H...hello?", she said to me, "I...I'm looking for David.", I blinked and said, "Who are you and why are you looking for this David?", I asked, not too demanding or nice either. She looked into my eyes and I looked down a little, can't stand looking into peoples eyes, and she said, "I'm his sister."

"It can't be. I saw you... die....", David said, flabergasted about the whole thing. Jeff looked to me and said, "She genuine. No denying it, shes Davids sister.", I noded and looked to David, "Well. It seems she is.", I looked over to her and asked, "Have an explination for us?"

She sighed, "No. I remember the whole thing. It's as if I had died. But I know better. I must have been found by someone after the explosion and....", she stoped and David closed his eyes. I knew the story. Davids Dad was an explosives expert. But he was careless and... I shook my head of the idea. I looked around the Recreation area before I looked to her and asked, "So, Lyla, why are you here?"

Lyla smiled a little, "To find my brother. I never thought I would see him again and was about to give up till I saw this place. I had hoped and I guess I hit paydirt.", she shifted a little and her long, dirty hair droped a few sprinkles or dirt. I smiled, "Well, Lyla, you have any idea how to fire a gun?"

I guess it was a dumb question, but still I had to ask. It was all too ovious that she DID know how to use a weapon, other wise she wouldn't have survived so long. Who knows, I may even see my father someday... I kept that happy thought as I headed to bed. It was late and I was tired. Jeff and David could handle Lyla alone. Heh... somewhat. I ploped down into my bed, after checking for bugs that is, and sighed as the world started to fade. Muffin, at some point, sat at the foot of my bed and started to sleep as well. My final thought was that of Lyla and how she had came to find us. But by now Jaff and David had gotten the story out of her. All I had to do was ask them... in... the... morning... The world finaly faded to black as I slept and drempt about all the things before the war, and watched as the dream transformed into a night mare as the happy images were torn apart by the hellspawn. It was a long night...

...and the morning wasn't much better. Three minor attacks by the hellspawn. Nothing too big, just a few Imps, a Demon or two, even a Caco. But nothing else. But It was enough to keep us on our feet for most of the day. I talked to Lyla about how she came here. Nothing special, just random chance. I wasn't paying too much attention to it though, nothing I hadn't heard before. I sighed, and almost wished that something else would happen. Unfortenately, nothing did. And to make things worse, it was my watch. The night broke into morning without incident, and preperations were almost over. One more day, and we would get some action... might even be a little too much action.

"So, why are you the leader?", Lyla asked me, her red hair floping around, cleaned. I smiles, "Because I said so.", she giggled as I smiled, "You know, the day I saw you, I KNEW you were the leader. I could see it in your face.", she said to me as she looked at the TV that was monitoring the suronding area, "Oh really.", was all I could say. The rest of the day passed fast and quiet. But night came along and not even the cloudless sky was enough to keep the hellspawn at bay. They attacked at around 2 in the morning. I hardly remember jumping out of bed and tossing on my stuff as I ran to the group. Time for action.

Three Barons and a small army of Imps. The Imps were easy, but not to be ignored. But the Barons were the inteligent type, and hid behind their army untill they could get close enough. I grited my teeth as the Baron plasma launchers bit into my arm. I could feel the blood being taken and changed into energy and it hurt like hell. Heh. Finally I flicked off the Launchers and droped down behind the cover area, "I gotta go back inside and get something. Cover me!", I said to Jeff who just noded. No time to ask questions. I ran back to base and into the lab. Grabing the Napalm launchers and puting them on my back, I started back. It wasn't good. They had gotten closer, even with the fire we were puting on them. But I ran to my spot and smiled at Lyla who looked at me and shook her head, like Jeff would. I smiled, thinking that Jeff and Lyla would make a good couple. Same age, evil looks and head shake. I clicked on both Launchers and put them on. Then I stood up and raised my arms and clamped my hand, launching off a large volly of Napalm toward the Mass Imps. To my great Joy, then started to melt into piles of Leathery goo. Very soon only the Barons were left and I knew that these launchers would be useless against them. I looked to David as the Launchers fell off my arms. I reached to my side and tugged the large metal/organic Rocket Launcher from it's holder. I noded and so did David. I jumped out from my spot just as David leaped from the other. He knew the plan. Sandwich all three with explosives. Every shot counted as the only ammount of shots my launcher could fire was 3 per hour. As for David, he could only carry 3 rockets on him and one in the rocket launcher so we had to do this. I circled to the left of the three, keeping as much distance as possible. I looked over a little and could see David in position. I kneeled just as he did and closed my eyes as I pulled the trigger. The explosive force sent me skiding back a little, but I was ready. Both rockets smashed into their targeted Barons, and then both slammed into each other. I circled around again and fired one lone shot which smashed the third into the pile. Now to finish it. I nodded to David who, some distance away, noded back. I fired the last rocket in the launcher and smiled as it hid dead on. David then fired off the last few rockets he had as I ran to cover. Finishing the tactic, Jeff and Lyla opened fire with their AB-10's and finished them off. I smiled as David walked into the cover area, "Nice one. A little off on the timing, but still.", I smiled and pated him on the back as the sound of Barons dying entered the air.

No salvage. Oh well, I was the only one that used the Baron Launchers anyways. I looked to Muffin and she looked to me. It was a long day and the next was going to be worse. I sat on my bed once more, "You know, if all goes well, I might find you a better body.", Muffin seemed to understand and did a 360 before purring. I smiled, "I hope we find what were looking for. The Spider Master Mind that is. If we do, I will have the best weapon to fight hellspawn. But not like you would care, your just a cat.", I smiled and went to bed.

Muffin blinked, or as good as she could with he unusual eyes. She floated around the place, greeting Jeff as she passed in her usual purr. She passed David and Lyla who slept on the couches in the recreation room. Finally she reached Denvers bed room, who now slept silently in the dark night. She smiles and floated to her spot, lying down. She sighed and blinked once, her eyes flicking off and on. As the night seeped in, she thought about what Denver said... and she blinked again, the blue flames flickering off and on. Tomorow was the big day, and she knew that if she was lucky, they would find the Spider Master Mind and her new body. She tossed around a bit before thinking to her self, "Tomorow, they will discover about me.. about what I REALLY am...", and as sleep setteled in to her, she spoke in a whisper to herself, "I can hardly wait...", and she gigled evily as she fell into a dreamful sleep...

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A bit confusing at times, but it's better than most of the stuff that gets posted around here. I really liked it. Please tell me there is more in the works.

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Well, these were the only two episodes I ever made, hench the unexplained parts (Titanius and Denver as well as how he can make things totally undestroyable, David and his Sister, Jeff, Muffin the Lost Soul Cat (hee hee :)). I had the thing planed out for about 8 eps, but, like most of my storys, I moved on to other things. I have one large chapter of Paracite Event (a story based off the stuff in Paracite Eve :), a few other stuff, some original, some not.
I'd continue this series to 8, but so far only one person has said anything about it. :)

Tell you what, if I get enough responces, I'll finish the series. :)

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