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Doom II
Hell on Earth
Earth destroyed

“BANG!!” The sound of the steel bumper wakes doom violently. Instinctively
he reaches for his pistol, but remembers where he is. The UAC truck has come to a
sudden stop as it taps the small but badly damaged building that is in front of a far more
damaged cement wall. The wall, where it is intact, reaches about 10 meters high and is
probably four meters thick at least. It also surrounds the square base. Soon the four get
out and two carry the injured soldier away on a blood stained stretcher. Doom becomes
aware and sniffs the air. The air is heavy with smells: blood, fire, demons, gunfire, man,
and death fill the air. “Like Phobos.” Doom utters.
“What did you say?” The young soldier asks. “Sorry sir, I never introduced myself. My
name is John Bitterman.”
Doom looks at him but soon faces the horrible site of the burned city. The sky is yellow
from smoke and ground fire. The horrifying image of the massive alien vessel that floats
above the burning city burns into doom’s mind. He looks away but is again confront by
death. The ground is littered with blood, craters, and bodies. Most of the human bodies
are gone but there is a pile of dead creatures neatly stacked near the small building that
leads into the base walls. Another pile, out in the field, is burning with I bright blue
flame. Almost dark, Doom knows night will come and the horrors will make another
attack. Men dressed in full body armor are taking post. Some are manning the large
remaining turrets while others pace with shotguns and plasma rifles. Many of the men’s
armor is the traditional UAC dark blue, but some are dressed in the UEG green. Doom
takes one last look at the burning city watching as small ships go upward to the
mothership. Doom then heads through the damaged thick steel doors that lead into the

Now deep underground Doom sees that this base is a great place to hold. It is
surprisingly up to date and large. Men are every where. Some are leaning over large flat
computers talking about tactics; others are sitting at COM stations. The room is well lit
yet very dull. The walls are nothing more than the bedrock and the floor and ceiling is
just plates of metal with the random lights and bundles of cables. Doom quickly walks to
the center of the room and talks to a well-dressed commander. “Sir I can be of use
fighting these creatures. They came from another dimension and first attacked Phobos. I
thought that we destroyed there only way into our universe but I now seem very wrong.”
“Sit down… ah Doom, if that is what you liked to be called. I am running this
show. I will take note of what you just said. Now get your ass into the weapons depot
and prepare for surface duty.” The Commander bluntly states. Acting as if he is obedient,
Doom is insulted. As soon as the commander turns his back doom flips him the bird and
mutters “I hope one of those demon bastards rips of your damn head.” Doom then makes
a hasty dash to the back of the room, followed slowly by Bitterman.
“Hey man, don’t take the commander so seriously. We’re all under a lot of stress.
You know, with the attacks and all. Besides most of us have heard of your victorious
escape from Phobos.” Bitterman says cheerfully. “God damn! That bastard should know
I have more experience than anyone fighting these things. Hell I am the same rank and
that asshole has got to be five years younger than me” Doom yells as he kicks a trashcan
down the dark hallway. Bitterman jumps back and sees that doom is pissed off. Slowly
the two make it into the freshly stocked weapons storage area. The room is tall and
surrounded in steel armor. The newest of weapons are stacked on the four-meter high
gun racks. Doom then trades his ragged and torn space uniform for the new UAC
uniform and armor. He then grabs the latest in weapons and trades in his small side arm
for the larger desert eagle. Also he takes a new UAC weapons pack and loads it full of
chaingun, plasma rifle and shotgun ammo. He then gets a medical kit and some soap.
“Time for a nice long shower and a well deserved nap. Oh… And Bitterman I do not
want to be disturbed unless there is an attack” doom says as he leaves the weapons and
supply room. Doom then takes his half-an hour-long shower, cleans a few scraps and
cuts and slips into his nice new clothes. Doom Jumps into a bunk and is soon asleep.

The surface
Meanwhile the surface is a much tenser place. Many men guard the doors and
buildings of the base. Keeping a watchful eye on the horizon, the city and sky. The
soldiers nervously hold their weapons. The sky is growing darker and the men begin to
test and adjust their night vision attachments. “Here comes another! Attack!” screams
the surface commander. The air fills with the sounds of gun blast and screams from men
as they fire on a group of about fifteen imps that are running from the city. In four
seconds all is quite again and a fresh pile of dead imps and parts litter the ground.
“That was odd. They just seemed to be running and did not attempt to attack.” A soldier
asks. “We got incoming!” a turret operator yells. The men soon begin to aim at the
distant fast moving object in the horizon. “It friendlies! Hell yea!” A few of the men
scream. A convoy of several trucks large and small is moving fast toward the base. The
commander then orders escort and medical teams to the surface. The trucks arrive in
frenzy. The driver, blood stained and hysterical, jumps from the lead truck and screams.
“They… Those things, coming for us… We all that’s left. Those things…killing. I… I
don’t want to die!” He then passes out from terror. Almost three hundred are on all the
trucks. Many have serious injuries, some even appear to be insane with terror. One man
is screaming and holding his badly mangled arm, another is screaming about fire and
demons. The medical team moves quick as darkness approaches. The driver on his
stretcher jumps up and begins to scream again. : “They are coming…following…. Death
from the skies! Prepare for attack!” He then collapses a second time. It the distance two
fast moving ships can be seen heading towards the base. “Attack!” the commander
screams. Soon a rain of bullets is launched onward. A soldier fires rockets but the target
is too far and it is lost in the distance. High-energy shots come from the two ships as they
move faster. Three soldiers are blow and burned to pieces and the wall takes another hit.
Turret and gun fire rain again. Another missile launches and this time connects with the
smallest ship. The ship takes a quick nosedive and crashes with a blinding green light.
Using this distraction the other ship mows down a group on top of the wall and destroys a
turret before turning around. BOOM! An unexpected UEG fighter blasts the ship into
the sand. Five more fly over head towards the Evil living mothership in the distance. The
base takes this advantage and fires an anti-cruiser missile to cover the squad of fighters.
The impact is seen in the distance as nothing more than a small flicker of light on the
mothership’s hull. Five more fighters scream over head the base. Soldiers cheer them on
and watch. Bitterman stumbles out of one of the elevators at the base center. “Hell yea!
Finally some kick ass cover!” he screams as he jumps and through his fist in the air. Tiny
shinny dots flashes and small explosions can be heard from the air battle. The
mothership vibrates and moves higher into the air. As if it knows death is coming, on
either side. A strange pulse of red light collects under it. Two more fighters are seen
arriving to the fray. Suddenly a scream and a bright blue flash fill the air. “What… is
that? No! They were kicking ass!” Bitterman screams as he drops to his knees, followed
by several others. Soon civilians and soldiers alike are running for cover. The
mothership had just kicked ass with some type of nuke blast. A small cloud rises and a
shock wave comes fast. It knocks all that are outside the walls back. A truck is tipped
over by the shock wave. Then calm again. All who survived get up and see the ship
moving and the leveled city in the horizon. “This way! It’s coming.” Screams a woman
who is lying in a stretcher. Moments later most of those left, except the soldiers, are
fleeing the base into the desert. The strongest fight off a few guards and steel the truck.
They too soon go back to the desert.

The Battle
The massive ship moves towards the base slowly. Many smaller demon troop
ships are seen dropping to the ground. “Quick! Alert the UEG and our forces that we are
in battle. We need all those we can get.” The commander scream at Bitterman.
Bitterman makes his way back into the base. Many of the unharmed civilians, those
brave enough not to flee, then follow him so they too can fight.
Doom, rattled by the blast, gets out of bed. “What just happened?” He asks a
soldier who passes by his bunk. “It is time for battle the creatures have launched an
assault.” The young private says before running on. Doom slowly gets up and prepares
him self for the battle. He then makes his way into the command room, which is a total
mess. Sparks rain from a light that has fallen through the ceiling and a computer terminal
is on the floor along with other debris. One large computer tower has fallen on a man.
Though alive his leg must be broken; two others are helping him up. Men and women are
seen moving frantically about the room. The sounds of many voices fill the air: Orders
being given, radio messages, civilians screaming, computers working and lifts running.
Doom quickly follows a group of well-armed soldiers onto the main lift. Within
moments they reach the surface to see the lights of the base and the darkness of the
desert. The mothership is closer now and the demon soldiers are seen in the horizon.
The creatures move in a well-formed broad formation. The glowing of their evil-living
weapons can faintly be seen. The well-armed group gets onto the trucks and heads
towards the enemy mob. Soon they jump onto the sandy ground and form a line behind
several small sand dunes. Doom, at the front and Bitterman to his side, loads and checks
his chaingun. The creatures begin to fire their strange weapons starting the battle. Doom
fires a burst of five plasma rounds into the demon masses taking some down. Grenades,
rockets, tank and gunfire spray from the human lines. Soon the two lines are on top of
each other and hand to hand fighting begins. Doom uses his shotgun to blast two imps
and a demon to fleshy chunks of red meat. He is unaware of the men around him and
often bumps into them. Others run and are taken down by the creatures. Bitterman,
paying attention to an imp, is grabbed by a demon. Doom hits the beast in its back with
the shotgun and gets its attention. The ugly monster turns to bite doom, but doom
throughs into its mouth. Both doom and Bitterman duck as the creature’s head explodes.
The mother ship is now above them still on course for the base, but no one is looking up.
The creatures are very good fighters but they seem to be up to something because the
humans are winning. No new troop ships come from the ship and there is no support fire.
Know one thinks about any other plans the creatures have. With the battle raging on, the
ship draws ever closer. Soon Doom finds him self in a dangerous situation as he is
surrounded by five imps and three demons. The bastards scream and grunt at him before
they come toward him. “Come and get me assholes!” he screams as he pulls out his
desert eagle. He soon makes himself a hole and runs free, throughing a grenade behind
him. A blast and a rain of demon gibs follow him. Without warning there is a loud
explosion and another large blue blast, followed by a sound echoes through the air. “The
base. It was a diversion!” Bitterman screams. A strong shock wave knocks all the
fighters back into the sand. The base is burning as the ship hovers above. The soldiers
begin to run fighting creatures along the way. Another blast comes from the ship and
impacts the ground. However the shock waves goes over head those who are on the
opposite side of the biggest dune. The dune falls and buries many of the creatures and a
few of the soldiers. Within minutes the battlefield is quite except for a few blast of
gunfire and a demon’s scream. “Damn those bastards won this time but I will kill them
all.” Doom yells at the beastly ship. The remaining small army looks at the base and to
the former city and decides to set up camp.

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Finally got a chance to read through it. Great stuff. I hope you are planning to write more.

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It's not bad.

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Good storyline, the actual writing could use a thesaurus and editor though.

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Lüt has a point, but the content in entertaining, and that is the main thing. I eagerly await the next installment.

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Good storyline, the actual writing could use a thesaurus and editor though.
Could also use being put on a separate page and linked to.

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