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DOOM: The Gathering

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What an awesome bump. I've seen the OP's webpage before but didn't realise it was on Doomworld.

I both wish I remembered how to play MtG and had friends who would play experimental tabletop games with me ;_;

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I still know how to play MtG; I've been playing MicroProse's MtG rendition. I just wish I could find people to play with (or a way to mod it for my Doom MtG set).

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Cool stuff. I disagree on some of the mana costs/strength (lost soul with banding for 1 mana off the pain elemental? uh-uh. And the unmaker's X 2R2B ability cost is just insanely unwieldly) but it reflects how I'd see doom cards in the MTG universe now vs. MmM's older version (I don't really like the future sight style though).

A suggestion for a kind of counterspell is telefrag, and if there are more 'player' cards like flynn taggert you can give them uncounterable, unless someone has a MAP30 card which allows telefragging ;). That gives an idea for special lands, and more expansions off plutonia and TNT:evilution, or more recent pwads like Scythe/2 and WoS, and even some zdoom beastiary expansions. I could definitely see some monster spawning mechanics coming from the HR maps.

@ SJ; see if there're some magic tournaments in Aus, I bet there's a nationals at least.

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Keep in mind it's kind of Beta now, and I wanted the Lost Souls to be inexpensive. I might have to up the cost of the Pain Elemental's ability though by about R or 1. I'll work on re-balancing the set, making some cards cheaper and more manageable. It's very easy with MSE. I'll also add some special lands taken from screencaps, like The Living End and Nukage Plant (With the ability to give the opponent poison counters everytime he damages the card's controller at a mana cost).
EDIT: That's not Future Sight I'm using, but I'll change it.

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