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This monster belongs in DOOM

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You are absolutely correct MmM, this creature fits Doom perfectly. It's definitely more of a Doom 3 kind of creature. Pretty groovy.


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That is a very awesome looking monster.

Kind of looks like a cross between a doom monster, and one of the creatures from the suffering. If I were to make him a monster, I'd give hive him some bigger front fangs for sure though. Have him walk with his claws, jump on the player and pry the players face off with ginormous fangs.

As to the two posters with the old-school computers, do you guys have graphics cards? Or know what kind of slots you have free on your computers? Because you can get graphics cards for cheap, and those seriously improve game performance.

If you don't want to spend any money, you might want to look into some graphics emulators that'll allow you to fake having a better graphics card, 3D-Analyze (an article about it, including a download link here: http://crystalunicorn.wordpress.com/2008/08/30/3d-analyze-virtual-graphics-emulator/) comes to mind. If you have patience, you can get just about anything to run (not necessarilly well, but it will run); I had a p1 155 with 128 mb ram and a 10gb hdd with a 4mb gfx card with windows xp on it. Granted, it took 10 minutes after it got to the gui for the icons to show up, even with the visual enhancements disabled, forget about doing anything on it (I tried slackware after that, then put Win95 back on it).

There is hope for old PCs : http://www.oldblivion.com/

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When the computer I have croaks, then I'll probably look into getting another one, until then, I can live with what I have. I don't do a whole lot of PC gaming (I'm mainly a console gamer). Of course, if I found a bag with a million dollars in it on the side of the road on the way home today, some of that money would go into a new computer. :P

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