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Doom Wallpapers Pack

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Hello again. I come bearing more wallpapers, this time featuring a mix of PWADs and Doom monsters. PWAD wallpapers are for "Suspended in Dusk," the 1024 trilogy, "Unloved II," and "Threshold of Pain." The Doom monster wallpapers feature the Cyberdemon, Baron of Hell, Hell Knight, Revenant, and Arch-Vile. The PWAD wallpapers come in a variety of sizes, but the Doom monster ones are all 1280x800. Photoshop brushes used are from obsidiandawn.com and missm.paperlilies.com. You can use these wherever you want--you can even crop them or whatever. Just give me credit as fullmetalvaran33 if you do.

Feedback is welcome, as I appreciate constructive criticism. More wallpapers to come if anyone wants to see more. I have other PWADs and Doom monsters planned.

Enjoy! :)


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