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The wall ate Swamp Thing's purple unicorn.

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Bark Skin Swamp Thing (Based on the Bark Skin power-up from the 1992 THQ Gameboy Swamp Thing video game. This was also a contest entry for an "Armor Up" themed challenge at Figure Realm)

More photos/information: http://kramwartap.fortunecity.com/barkskin_swampthing.html

Mesmerize (Square-Enix's 1999 Final Fantasy VIII video game.)

More photos/information: http://kramwartap.fortunecity.com/mesmerize.html

Wall Widow (Konami's 1991 Super Castlevania IV video game.)

More photos/information: http://kramwartap.fortunecity.com/wall_widow.html

Schism (Konami's 2008 Silent Hill: Homecoming video game.)

More photos/information: http://kramwartap.fortunecity.com/schism.html

Tsunami (Atlus' 2002/2003 Demikids: Light/Dark Versions video games.)

More photos/information: http://kramwartap.fortunecity.com/tsunami.html

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