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Some Fan art :)

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No that's fine dude, that's actually quite flattering :)

I'll have a update on the all 3 paintings sometime next week. Splitting my time between those paintings and Zbrush.

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Sorry about being so neglectful to this thread lately guys, I've been busy with doing a 3d model and I'll be honest... video games :P

But I was playing around with the Doom painting some more shortly after I put the last one up here. This was as far as I got before I started sculpting.

As of right now I cant be to sure if I'll be doing much Doom fan art, not while I have this model and some other projects going on.
And just for kicks here is the model that I'm currently working on. Hope you guys enjoy :)

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Hey everyone long time no post, I have some new stuff for you all. These are just an early conception stage for a little project I'll dazzle you all with in the future :)

Anyways here is the first batch that I have scanned in, more to come!

Sadly I don't think I'll get to finishing this painting, but I thought I should throw it up none the less.

Here is the initial sketch *lol Mr. Barons head is to small*

Baron of hell head studies

Imp head study, ignore that bottom imp who looks sad and wimpy :P

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That last imp shot from the side makes it look depressed. Good art nonetheless.

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Composition isn't bad you may want to think about variation of line weight during the inking and if you're going to use large areas of block colours you need to either have a lot more detailing such as textures and shading or make it extremely stylized/abstract.

Just my 2c.

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