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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.14

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DOOM:Oh man...


DOOM:I havent gotten laid in like 2 weeks.

Caleb:I havent gotten laid since BLOOD 2!I still cant figure it out!BLOOD 2 was amazing looking.

Duke:Yeah but it played like a dead sheep.

DOOM:When DOOM 3 comes out itll be poontang central at my pad.

Duke:Yeah well when Duke 4 Ever comes out same thing cept my pad.

DOOM:You aint gonna get pussy for like 4 years then.Heh!

Duke:Well I dont feel bad.


Duke:Cause Caleb aint gonna never get no pussy!Ha!

Caleb:Fuck you.I can get some pussy.
*Mynx from Quake 3 walks by*

Caleb:Watch!Hey,is there a mirror in your pants cause I can see myself in em.
*Mynx pulls out a Rail Gun and blows Caleb into tiny chunks*

Mynx:Hey DOOM wanna go back to my place and wip out your BFD?

DOOM:Hell yeah!
*DOOM leaves with Mynx*

Duke:Well,that does it...im going to Bootylicious!

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man, thanks for that link...it made my day....

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