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I draw horsie

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What better way to end off senior year of high school then by drawing a horsie rather than writing a message :)

Time: 5-ish hours on off?
Size: A bit larger than letter size
Materials: Yearbook cover, 0.5mm HB, some "M" tip Faber-Castell liner, 0.1mm & 0.05mm Sigma Micron Sakura pen

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Jesus christ, when I finished secondary school, I drew a really shitty carrot in someone's leaver's book, as an ├╝ber-subtle reference to Xaser..

You have some great talent there.

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Well, officer, looks like a Unicorn to me.

Seriously though, horses are among some of the more difficult things to draw. Kudos. Great style, too. :)

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Cool looking art, reminds me of my senior year in high school when I painted heresiarch in cathedral styled after "heresiarch's seminary" nave and made my disguised my art portfolio in form of tome of power to match the painting. haven't painted for years after that, gotta paint sometime again.

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