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Secrets map 03

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Hi! I need some help with map 03 of Freedoom. There are 3 secrets in that map, but I'm not able to access the last one of the secrets. I see the small chamber near the "south end" (lower end, just facing the doors with the AGM logo) of the map when using the IDDT cheat code. Standing in front of the chamber I see a wall texture indicating a door, but I have not been able to find a way to open this door. Can anybody help please? TIA

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I found the switch behind the crates, but how can I access it? As far as I remember the original Doom game, there was a key or key combination to jump, but I did not find anything mentioned in the online help screen. Is there a way to get rid of the crates?

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Yikes, I made the map and couldn't even remember where the 3rd one was at.

You shoot the switch behind the crates, go back to the 1st secret spot and flip the switch there then head to the obvious spot where it's at.

The third one is in the sewer area down near the yellow key.

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Oh ya, forgot about shooting things.

Whenever I get trapped in any map I look for places to shoot that I couldnt reach or hump the walls while fisting them. Usually find a few secrets in some maps, before I find the right path.

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