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Mithran Denizen
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How many mods actually do use the archvile's flame sprites for something else? I think I recall Doom Raider using them in the imp death sequence (which wouldn't really look any worse if it were a red aura either), but what else does so?

Freedoom will never be entirely visually compatible with the mods that mess around with the frames of monsters, so I don't see how this could be any worse. Anecdotally, in a project that I'm working on there are new sprites added to the attacks and deaths of some monsters, which causes the monster to flash between appearances when used in Freedoom. Similarly, ZDoom palette translations that I've used for some sprites and textures look like shit in Freedoom, as nothing is really colored closely enough to the originals to be compatible. I can think of a couple of similar cases off the top of my head:

-The change to a blue BFG shot and a red combat armor (as well as the blue-red invulnerability artifact) makes OpenGL dynamic lights settings intended for Doom II look stupid in Freedoom. Hell, if the map author placed any of these items (or the megasphere) in an area specifically according to color (which I've always liked to do), this is ruined with the Freedoom sprites. Likewise, any mod that changes the monsters' blood color to match the blood in the death frames will make the Freedoom cacodemon and baron of hell spurt goofy colors that aren't actually in their death frames at all.

-The Freedoom revenant's fireball looks nothing like the real revenant's rockets, so any mods which reuse those frames as attacking missiles will be changed. (I recall a couple of old mods that made the revenant rockets work as stand-alone homing missile-type enemies, via DeHackEd.)

Regardless, it would seem much more important to keep the art assets as internally consistent as possible, as opposed to just aping Doom(2) completely. Though a handful of projects may use the flames outside of the archvile's attack, most wads will only have the archvile itself attacking, and making that attack the best fit for the monster should be a higher priority than worrying about some fringe-case compatibility. The monster being drawn in this thread looks much more suitable for some kind of 'psychic' attack as opposed to fire.

Anyway, even if the attack isn't flame-based, it needn't 'break' compatibility with anything that reuses the sprites for fire; something like that red aura around the monster in the attack preview could also pass for an ethereal fire if drawn right.

(Please note that I don't actually feel all that strongly either way on the issue, despite the wall of text. :P )

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wesleyjohnson said:
One Freedoom intent was to be usable as a replacement for the id IWAD for running PWAD. That should not be damaged.
Should make sure your sprites are the correct height and width to match the engine height and width, as that cannot be changed (no dehacked allowed). The current revenant is too tall and walks through doors with its head in the doorframe.

The actual Revenant in Doom2.wad has significantly taller sprites than its defined height; the problem isn't specific to FreeDoom.

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