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despayre.org going off-line

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RailGunner said:

And Im guessing the site isnt hosted yet?

I dunno, it seems to have kind of stalled. The support request is still open but I havent heard anything since friday.

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We've been accepted (finally) ! Heres what was said:

>Comment By: Patrick McGovern (pat)
Date: 2002-09-08 14:55

Logged In: YES

Traditionally we don't support content base projects.
ie...projects that are geared towards text, pictures,
animation oppose to projects based on traditional
programming languges and collaborated with by many people.

I'm going to approve this project because the main objective
is one to create a very large, complex file, in which many
people can work on and benefit from.

You can see where the website will eventually appear here. The website is currently uploading; you can watch it upload here (this will go away once upload has finished)

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