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Note: what I say in this post isn't neccessarily how I feel now, it's how I felt (past tense).

Note 2: in no way is the thread intended to incite flaming.

Esco arrives on the forum.

I comment about how he writes, because non-black people pretending to be black is just stupid. And even black people don't WRITE like that. Plus many people whose native language isn't English can't even read what he's saying.

I also say how I'm not sure I even believe this "growing up in da ghetto" story either, and that there's a chance this is just some internet "persona" some 13 year old spotty white kid has invented to try to look "cool".

Esco starts flaming me, saying I'm a prejudiced fascist, or whatever.

I explain that I'm not prejudiced, that I'm commenting on the way he writes, not the way he talks.

Esco doesn't seem to understand the difference. He continues flaming me.

I explain that I have many non-white and a few non-hetrosexual friends, which I rather obviously wouldn't have if I was a fascist. In fact, if I was a fascist, I wouldn't even PRETEND I had non-white, non-hetrosexual friends.

Even though I've disproven esco's main reason for hating me (I thought he didn't like "da haters", yet he obviously is one), he still continues flaming me.

He replies to any valid points I raise or questions that I would like him to answer with the response "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" (which is most likely what he'll do in response to this post). Obviously a great intellectual then.

Things cool down for a while.

Esco starts insulting other people, comparing them to bitches, retards, etc.

I ask him why he's prejudiced against bitches, retards, etc, wondering how someone so obviously against prejudice can show such large signs of the very thing he hates.

Esco starts flaming me again, even though I have not flamed him or anyone else.

Certain other people think that I'm "mean" and esco is "nice".

I write this post, to try to get these people to explain why exactly they think that.

BTW, I know I've missed out some stuff, but I think I've covered the most important parts. Please, esco, feel free to add your own version of events.

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Doomworld Forums : Powered by vBulletin version 2.2.5 Doomworld Forums > Morons > Post Hell > nightmare esco - story

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