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Howdy, peeps!

I'm new here and with dis occasion I'd like to introduce myse'f to dis community.

Name's Joe Wrangler, but friends call me "Razor-sharp". As you may have guessed, I'm a passionate knife addict, buying and c'llecting new ones 'till my salary runs off.

I'm 34 years old, and I live in Colorado. My occupation is retired soldier, but thee bastardos kicked me out 'cause I lost a foot thanks to a goddamn mine.

Eh, so yeah, like I said before, I collect knives. Mainly huntin' knives, but I like pocket ones too.

These streets around here are bad, man, and I MEAN bad. Crawlin' with niggaz. Gotta stab some of those everyday, 'cause, hell, these pesky motherfuckers would put their life on the line for a couple of pennys. But that ain't now problem, since I'm an ex-soldier.

And now, lemme introduce you to my knaif collection. I'll explain their best functions. On we go...

1)Da KA-BAR (

The classic, the indispensable. This baby never left me down. Saved my life a lot of times, while also takin' many others. I just love it.
Look at it, with it's large, aggresive blade, and big serations, it's just beggin' you to stab someone!

2)Da Pioneer (

Ah, yeah, da gentleman's knife. Ever had one of those nights when you hung out with your buddies, needed a tool to open the beers, and then needed another tool in the case they got too drunk and tried to kill you?
Well, it's your lucky day, cause the Pioneer is the man for the job. It's got a lethal beer opener+knife combination (hope you figure what the kniv's for...), and in case you lose the knife in combat, you always got a reamer too as a back-up. Thank god for small favours!

3)Da Discreet (

Ah, yeah, the stealthy bastard. Great for when your' in 'Nam at night walkin' on the streets, and see some gringo bastardos? Quickly pull out this snappy guy in your fingers and cut the mofo's throat. Job done, razor sharp!

These are my fave' knives, but hey, I got plenty more!

This so far, waiting for you to introduce youselves too!

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All times are GMT. The time now is 10:43.   
Doomworld Forums : Powered by vBulletin version 2.2.5 Doomworld Forums > Morons > Post Hell > Hello, I'm new!

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