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Not that anyone will bother reading all this but you should 'coz it is fucking awesome, and falls just short of solving world hunger and stuff. Actually either read none of this, or read all of it but don't read just bits... :P:P:P:P:P <-- Lots of tongue pokey faces.

esselfortium said:
Lots of people have posted suggestions and criticisms in this very thread, yourself included.

Obvious reply is obvious!
Although not everyone gets walls of defensive, justifying text as responses to their criticisms. And not everyone gets ol' Tarnsman set on them for posting an opinion either.

That's what the beta testing period is for. When someone starts ranting about how "indefensible" and "unforgivable" it is to include misaligned textures in a map, though, it's basically impossible to take seriously.

Oooh. Scathing reply!!!
Yes yes yes you have said this already. Sorry for, y'know, having an opinion. Not my fault that we are going to insist on making such average design choices. I mean, good thing projects like this and BTSX have had such high caliber mappers working on them. This makes projects like this literally impossible to screw up. And if anyone does see things that are possibly less than perfect, well, that's what trolls are for. And moderators who let them...

Given your particular penchant for getting into overblown discussions suspiciously like this one, going as far back as 2008 on your original account that you're Loser Evading™ for, I would recommend taking a few deep breaths before playing the victim card again next time. :P

Damn. Long, grumpy paragraph!
First off, for bringing up things that happened 5 years ago, you are showing how unforgiving and grudgebearing you can be, and how far you are prepared to go just to score points over someone else. Lame, to say the least, especially for a moderator. Good moderators moderate rather than inflame. Yes I admit it. I had some arguments when I first joined up here those 5 years ago. Other than with you essel, I've had very few since. I learned how things work around here, and I got on with it. And, as any decent human being would do, I apologized for my part in those initial arguments. And that was end of story until, well, you had to bring it up. Pro tip. Good leaders don't bring up old shit. You have hardly been perfect yourself on doonworld, but rather than man up and apologize for anything you have ever said to anyone, you use your authority as a moderator or you allow other people to justify your side of the story for you. And then you (as you demonstrated above), remember any real or imagined slights and use them as justification for your subtle trolling, pretty much forever apparently. 5 years? Are you for real? Seriously, get over it. One day I hope you will understand that things like letting go of grudges and humility do play their part in genuine leadership. I have bitten my tongue plenty with you on these forums.

Blunt paragraph!
Anyway, as I have said before, I am sure you are a fine example of humanity IRL, but your posting is snarky, superior and condescending on quite a regular basis. If you spoke to people IRL like I have seen you speak to some people here on Doomworld, then you would get fired/dumped/punched/yelled at or unfriended pretty quickly, depending on who the unfortunate recipient was.

Explanatory paragraph!
And as to my loser evading. Well I gotta ask why you would have to bring that up? Again, a real moderator would seek to settle arguments, rather than seeking to score points off other people like that. I don't like people who do that, and I don't like the way you have done that here. But allow me to set my losering straight. My old account (Kyka) was not losered when I created this new account. I simply created a new account. Absolutely true story. But you, essel, losered both my accounts, yes both of them, when I bumped an old thread. That is all I did. Bumped an old thread. Presumably my old account is still losered. So thanks for that unnecessary piece of work too. And thanks for implying, quite dishonestly, that I was losered for arguing, and that was the reason why I created a new account.

Vaguely motivational assessment paragraph!!!1!
essel, essel, essel, do you even understand what you are doing wrong? You as a moderator should be doing whatever is necessary to fix shitstorms like this. Either by placating the arguing parties, or if that doesn't work, then by losering relevant people until they learn the error of their ways. And yes, if you have to loser me, then go right ahead. But by allowing this trolling to continue, you are giving the green light to every insecure troll here that it is ok to ridicule other people, especially if those people disagree with you personally. That it is ok to use personal bias when moderating. That good leadership means allowing arguments like this to drag on and on. And then I bet you wonder why people like Phml accuse you of shitty, overly controlling leadership. You are doing it right now in case you missed it. Well actually you are underly controlling rather than overly controlling in this particular case. Perhaps that is the problem. You don't stand up when you should. You troll when you should be kind. And you act all superior when you should be humble. I am sorry to direct all this at you personally, as plenty of other people are guilty of much worse than you, but as a moderator of these forums, these failings fall squarely on your head. Welcome to the burden of leadership. In the end, for me, it comes down to this. I happen to like mapping, and I happen to see that Doomworld could be so much more than it is now. It won't be, but it could be. So my biggest problem with you is that you are only working towards making Doomworld better for you, and not working to make it better for everyone. And I don't think you have any intention or desire to change that.

Finishing on a good note paragraph. Pretty important!
Now because I don't wish to finish on such an unkind note, I will finish with this. The one thing I don't understand is why you need to resort to cheap shit like this in the first place. I'm just going to come out and say it. I actually think that you are one of the most talented and creative mappers and modders anywhere on Doomworld, and with abilities like those, why even do you need to feel you have anything to prove? I didn't like some of the design decisions taken on BTSX, nor do I like some of the decisions taken on D2twid. Suck it up. And I am not as wrong on these things as you probably think, and I understand these things far more than you or anyone else here will give me credit for. But whatever. The BTSX texture pack was really incredible work, as was the vaporware demo. So why so defensive? Why not just step up and do what you do best? It is not as if you are not good enough. Why bother defending all your work when it doesn't even need defending? Your defensiveness is allowing trolls run wild, thereby making Doomworld less friendly, less encouraging and less conducive to the creativity of other people besides yourself and a handful of others.

Concluding paragraph. It's really more of a sentence than a paragraph but whatever.
Anyway, do whatever you want. It is not like you will have a shortage of points you can score off this particular 'rant.'

You're fucking welcome.

Seele00TextOnly said:
You didn't even address anything I had to say about the notions of nostalgia and the suggestion to engage imagination. Would you care to?

Vaguely apologetic paragraph.
Well Seele. Apparently you are a real person. My humble respects for you actually being a real person and my apologies for any insinuation otherwise. It would not be the first time that people here have set up fake accounts, so it is a forgivable mistake. Not that apologies mean much in this current environment, but there you go. And I see we have another person gifted in the "clever borderline sarcasm" department. To your credit, at least you are being genuine and relatively friendly in your use of it.

Concluding wartorn ordeal ramble thing paragraph! Yesss!
So do I care to address anything you had to say about the notions of nostalgia and engaging imagination? Well, all I will say is that you have made some valid points. I could go on, and I have spent a long time working in professional creative environments, so I do know something about this but it is probably all futile to speak further when certain people just come and make silly noises every time I speak and certain others just spectate rather than actually attempt to fix any arguments, so I shall politely decline to elaborate.

Y'know, Vae Victis and all that shit.

Soz for the derailing.

Old Post May 23 2013 22:01
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FYI, I didn't loser you either of the times that you were losered (I don't think, at least? I certainly don't remember it). I wasn't even on the staff the first time you were losered, and wasn't privy to anything in relation to it. I was actually pointing out that you've played a role like this in similar forum derails and arguments with other people on Doomworld, not just myself, and that given that trend, you might get results more to your liking by looking to your own behavior.

Old Post May 23 2013 22:39
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what the fuck is that fucking piece of shit? overly emotional 2000 words long guilt trip? take that shit to PM, you dickwad. i especially like that awesome apology about derailing the thread after a billion paragraphs laden with passive-aggressive vague accusations. yeah, you really thought the thread would change tracks back to constructive criticism, right? maybe you should lurk some fucking more.

Old Post May 23 2013 22:40
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Meh. If I were to be asked, I'd have chosen Memfis over Esselfortium to moderate wods&mads. Dude is much more neutral in every regard, a thus fitting. Not that it matter or should be taken into consideration. Bye.

Old Post May 23 2013 22:41
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i did this

Old Post May 23 2013 22:43
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