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Doomworld Forums Administrators
Username Location
Linguica is online now Linguica
  PM ||
Arioch is offline Arioch
Throne of Destruction PM ||
Julian is offline Julian
Paris, France PM ||
Lüt is offline Lüt
Chicken In The Car And The Car Can't Go PM ||
Mordeth is online now Mordeth
Doomworld PM ||
Bloodshedder is offline Bloodshedder
Indiana PM ||
Cyb is offline Cyb
  PM ||
Ichor is offline Ichor
  PM ||

Doomworld Forums Super Moderators
Username Location
fraggle is offline fraggle
esselfortium is online now esselfortium
  PM ||
pritch is offline pritch
Bristol, UK PM ||
myk is offline myk
Buenos Aires, Argentina PM ||
Mancubus II is offline Mancubus II
Chicago PM ||

Doomworld Forums Staffers
Username Location
SoM is offline SoM
  PM ||
Dittohead is offline Dittohead
North Dakota PM ||

Doomworld Forums Moderators
Username Forums Location
AirRaid is offline AirRaid
Newfangled Doom Bristol, UK PM ||
CodeImp is offline CodeImp
Doom Builder Netherlands PM ||
Coopersville is offline Coopersville
Creative Works
Doom 3 General
Canaderp PM ||
dew is online now dew
Doom Speed Demos MB, CZ PM ||
Doomkid is offline Doomkid
Doom Multiplayer #dmstuff PM ||
fraggle is offline fraggle
Freedoom MA USA PM ||
Quasar is offline Quasar
Source Ports
  PM ||
Ralphis is offline Ralphis
Doom Multiplayer   PM ||
SoM is offline SoM
Eternity   PM ||
The Green Herring is offline The Green Herring
Community Chest 4 San Diego, CA, USA PM ||
vdgg is offline vdgg
Doom Speed Demos   PM ||

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