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JDoom sound problem

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The sounds, they keep looping forever, like if i bring up the menu after launching, the switch on sound plays over and over forever.
My sound card is a SiS 7018 Wave.

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Jay (Vampira) has the same problem with her CMI 8330. I originally thought it was due to processor speeds but, well, obviously i know know differently.

Mine's a CMI 8338 and the sound works without a problem. Incidently, the 8330 card doesn't allow hardware buffering on the DX8.1 diagnostics - i wonder if the lack of this has something to do with it...? Could you check your own diagnostic program (DX) and see if you get a similar problem?

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Although not solved, the problem is at least identified :)

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boris said:

It's a feature >:)

this isnt your title, but it fits:

Stupidity cannot be concealed.

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I had the same problem as you did footman, however I managed to fix it. Well, sort of. I disabled all the sound options in the Doomsday Kick Start “Other” tab. I still get the problem some of the time but not always. I hope this helps...a bit. At least you'll be able to get a semi-decent game without having to turn the sound off. I must say though, I’m a bit peeved that Jdoom doesn’t work properly – so far of the source ports I’ve played it seems by far the best.

*sad* :(

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