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ZDooM 2.0 B38 on LAN

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Could some one help me out with playing a co-op or dm game over LAN with the newest ZDooM? I am using the -host blah blah and -join <ip> commands like with 1.22 but it doesn't seem to work with B38. Are there new commands or something?

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It might be easier if you join the host's computer name rather than ip address, though both should work I think. On LAN, I host with

zdoom -host n where n is the total number of players including the host.

Players join with

zdoom -join Biff where Biff is my computer's "name" on the LAN, set as identification in network properties. I'm pretty sure we've played with v38, I'll double check it after work.

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Played Co-op Heretic last night with v38. Nothing broken, all is well. Check that each computer can ping the other on your lan, maybe there is a problem with your TCP/IP installation.

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That has to be sweet in coop, with all the zdoom weapon decals enhancing the carnage. :)

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