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HOM in ZDoom...

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When I play my newest level in ZDoom, I get a HOM that I don't see in vanilla Doom II. The HOM is seen where you're supposed to see the sky. You look out a window, and you're supposed to see a octagonal tower in the distance, and a few other linedefs marking the outer walls of the building. But there's also the sky. In ZDoom, though, I see a HOM instead of the sky...

Any ideas about what's wrong?

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It just seems to me that ZDoom would eliminate HOMs...

See, I just played my wad (what I have of it) in ZDoom last night, and every time I go to a window (in any level of it), or any place I can see the sky, I see HOMs everywhere. Is there any other solution other than changing node builders??

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Your problem is probably related to how you made thise sky sectors, the best way to solve a problem is to see how other peaple made their levels, I suggest you download a wad that has sky sectors like the way you want and edit them in your editor to see how they have done this, and I suggest you look at more than one wad to see more ways to do the same thing so that you can choose the best way for your wad.

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Well... they work perfectly in vanilla Doom. I've never seen another way to do sky-viewing windows. You make the window sector, then a middle sector that connects to whatever windows you want to see each other from, with a ceiling of F_SKY1. Finally, on the sides where you want to see the sky, you make a third sector with its ceiling height equal to the floor and a ceiling and floor of F_SKY1. There should never be a HOM there because two sectors with different ceiling heights shouldn't cause HOMs if both of them have ceiling textures of F_SKY1.

This is what I understand from the editing forum. Now please tell me if this is wrong...

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