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Coop perspectives on demos?

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Hey, me and some friends (who are almost completely Doom virgins) are going to be playing through a run of the first doom on nightmare in coop. I wanted to record the playthroughs from each perspective so we can throw it up as a splitscreen deal on youtube. Do any source ports allow multiple perspective views from the same demos (ie; I record a demo, and I can use that demo to view each player's experience from their eyes) or would I have to get them all to record a demo of their own?

Hope this isn't too dumb a question. I searched google a bit first, I swear!

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I'm just gonna record a runthrough of each perspective from a demo, then splice the AVIs together to make it look splitscreen on the final video.

I'll check the spycam deal. Thanks for mentioning it =)

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ReMooD supports this (and does it always for vanilla demos), but if it is a Vanilla Demo it might not play back properly. But in the event that this does not play back correctly, requires fixings.

Although, ReMooD is in a development state currently, which means there are some gotchas about.

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