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Eris Falling

My computer hates GZDoom

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Lippeth said:

Laptops are obviously not ideal for gaming

Depends. Ever since there are mobile chipsets by ATI and NVidia, they can be the very least quite decent. My Dell Inspiron 1720 has an nVidia 8600M GPU and can even run GPGPU stuff without breaking a sweat, making it much more useful than the same laptop without that option. Also, I have an ancient Compaq Presario 910EA which, thanks to its mobility Radeon, could play games and even run CAD software that much more recent "Vista ready" laptops couldn't.

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Point is, when you buy a laptop, if you want playing games on it(specifically OpenGL needed/recently games), choose using ATi/AMD or nVidia graphic chip ones please, and it'll give you enough power for those games without seriously problems(But must installed the proper driver for them TOO :P).

Intel's 4th lines isn't too bad, but cannot help about they still not as good as ATi/AMD & nVidia.

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GZDoom does run a little choppy when game play gets intense, and the dynamic lighting looks a little plastic-ey, but Zandronum runs OpenGL like a beast on my laptop. Still, I should have done more research before impulse buying this ASUS. The only question I asked the salesman was "Will it run Diablo 3?" My mac had some compatibility issues with that game so I ran to the store, knowing nothing about pc in any way. Eh, too late now.

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