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Doom95 and PrBoom not running correctly on Windows 95

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Quasar said:

Thing is it's not hard to write software that WILL still work, on 95, right now, so long as you avoid APIs it didn't support.

Thing is, for most software it's utterly pointless. Some of the not supported APIs are a necessity for lots of software.

Unicode is the big killer these days, and as Blzut3 said, even libraries used primarily for implementing games see no point skipping on it just to get 0.05% market share more.

And as you yourself said, you have to do a separate compile to strip out some more 'modern' features.

Well, it's your choice, of course - but ultimately it boils down to do extra work for only a handful of people. The reason ZDoom chose to abandon support was that nobody was downloading it from Win95 anymore - and even Win98 numbers are so small that it's hardly worth the effort keeping it operational.

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Right now I actually have the interested users doing the builds themselves, and alerting me if any minor maintenance issues arise ;) All I had to do on my end was straighten out some confusion that had developed between #ifdef checks on _MSC_VER and on WIN32 defines. Some of them needed to be opposite of what they were.

Most of the work done ends up making EE more portable in general, and not just benefitting Win9x. We have been successfully compiled for the ARM architecture in the Raspberry Pi, for example, something that even I personally thought wouldn't work.

I view universal portability as a permanent goal. If/when I add SDL 2.0 support I do not intend to remove the current backend. I'll just firm up our separation of HAL from SDL modules, so that the program can be built against either version of the library.

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