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Officially had it with SDL

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I do not use SDL_mixer or SDL_net at all. Network functionality is done with native POSIX, BSD, and WinSock2.

Personally for me, I implement ALSA, OSS, and Win32 MIDI support natively in ReMooD. This means, if your interface lacks MIDI support, then you will not hear any music at all. Currently, only the Allegro 4.2 interface supports MIDI itself. This means that you can configure ReMooD to play on a real keyboard (which personally sounds much better than a software synth and reduces CPU usage since music is now controlled by hardware).

I send raw MIDI events to the handler, which means for volume control I just change the volume of instruments since there really is no master volume control for MIDI from MIDI events (and if there were, changing it would be dumb and lazy). Master volume is set and managed by the user itself either in virtual land or the real keyboard itself.

The same is done with volume in relation to sounds too, since I do not call any native volume setting.

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"ALSA, OSS, and Win32 MIDI support natively in ReMooD",
Sounds like another compile-time option that I would like to include in DoomLegacy. Windows certainly could use it, judging by bug reports.

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