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Lobo said:

Attention Source port coders!!

I want a port that:

a) has all the Eye-candy of JDoom(including the MD2 models)
b) runs as fast and as stable as ZDoom
c) has all of EDGEs DDF and RTS stuff

Anyone out there got A LOT of free time on their hands and great coding skills? Would it be that complicated to add the DDF support to ZDoom, for example?

Or Md2/Md3 support to EDGE?

See, if EDGE is gonna go GL, then why not go the full yards?

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ZDoomGL? :p
it's good , but still in betà and THAT'S WHY IT'S UNSTABLE PEOPLE, it's still in beta form , it's not complete 'yet'!!!

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oblivion said:

i agree on boom being the most stable, moreso than vanilla.

Run it in Nightmare mode on map 30 for over an hour and then tell me that :P

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VolteFace said:

Doom is not the kind of game where it should take an ultra-powerful
processor with state-of-the-art 3D cards to run. It should run on a
P133 w/ Windows 98 and 8MB of video RAM. ZDoom can do that; JDoom...

That's for the eye candy dude! As it rocks on my machine. OpenGL whips Software mode tons

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