Happy Halloween. @Grain of Salt and I made some speedmaps to celebrate the occasion. They're orange and vaguely spooky, click the link below and then it can be on your computer too!   - DOOM2.WAD - tested in prb+ cl9
- no difficulty settings   shots:  
list: 01: [R]: Bat House
02: [G]: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
03: [R]: Big Durst Energy   midi credits: 01: "The Palace Of Prostheses" - Escape From Monkey Island
02: "Demons" - Monster Bash
03: "phase.mid" - zzzv (aka @yakfak)
TP: "Title Theme" - Splatterhouse 3
IP: "premo.mid" - zzzv
  download: http://www.rbkz.net/doom/oitl.wad.zip