The air chokes with the metallic mist of blood. Unimaginable pillars reach above and below to unseen structures of Hell.
The Gates of Tartarus tower amidst the haunted vapor -- a Stygian fortress guarding the passage to realms beyond.
Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.   >>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<<<<<<     ===========================================================   Change Log:   Imporant Info: Doom II IWAD, map01. Format is UDMF, and requires GZDoom (it was tested with version 4.2.4).   Recommended Settings: Free mouselook, hardware accelerated rendering, dynamic lights, and standard fog mode.    Gameplay: A 3-key Collector style map. Pretty standard fare, with a heavy emphasis on traps and arenas, and a lite-slaughter finale. This map is intended to be challenging. All monsters/weapons are vanilla.   (Note: There are a lot of 3D sectors in this map, not to mention the majority of sidedefs are in view at almost all times. This may or may not lag on less-than-decent computers. I'm not entirely sure. I'm sorry if it does lag for you.)   Difficulty Settings: There are only 2 modes, (UV) and (HMP and lower). UV is the intended experience, but the HMP-lower version is there if you're looking for an easier run.   This map had several sources of inspiration, but the biggest one were the Nether Fortresses in Minecraft (both visually and mechanically). I always wanted to make a Doom map that had the sensation of finding one of these in the Nether, especially with the idea where the environment is as dangerous as the denizens lurking within. That said, there are no teleports if you fall off any of the ledges into the chasm. Basically: You fall, you die.   Screenshots: