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32in24-7: Capture The Flag - Beta is up! Check page 7

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Welcome to the thrilling seventh installment of 32in24! It will run Sunday, April 6th, 2008 for 24 hours, from the start to the end of the day (EST).

All currently-held map claims will expire in 24 hours unless a status update is posted! Even if you're not done yet, just tell us you're still alive and still working. We want to have this thing finished within the next few days, there are only a few maps left to do.

32in24-7 will use a similar approach to 32in24-5 and Diet32in24, separating the jobs of layouts and detailing between different people: Mappers who are skilled at building layouts will create and submit a map without paying any real attention to visual detail, only gameplay, and it will be posted in this thread. Then, a mapper who is skilled at visuals and detailing will claim the map (in this thread, or on #32in24, OFTC.net) and start detailing it using the provided resource wad.


General Rules:
- Capture-The-Flag gamemode
- Boom Compatible map format: NO ZDOOM-EXCLUSIVE STUFF! We mean it!
- Use ODAMEX Doombuilder CFG (Works for all ports)
- Do not use previously made content
- Items NOT set to Multiplayer Only
- Don't include an exit in your map
- Use provided resources only
- New music is allowed, in either MIDI or MUS format
- Post download link to map in this thread

Layout Rules:
- Create a basic layout, with direct focus on gameplay. Disregard detail almost completely.
- Must place items, including Player 1 start, red/blue team starts, one flag per team, and weapons. DO NOT FLAG ITEMS MULTIPLAYER.
- Maps must be symmetrical, and use red/blue textures to identify teams. Detailers will be cutting your map in half to detail it, then flipping it again when they're done, so it had better be symmetrical.
- Upload map to private hosting or using speedyshare (no rapidshare, megaupload, etc, please) and post both here and on IRC.
- DO NOT use textures from the resource wad.
- Keep in mind that the generally-useless pistol has been replaced with slightly more useful dual pistols. Place your weapons accordingly.

Detail Rules:
- Call a map in the 32in24 thread (when calling, check to see if anyone else is working on the map before you start).
- Open map with the provided resource wad.
- Try to preserve gameplay as faithfully as possible; consult layout mapper and/or 32in24 leaders if you want to make changes to layout/items.
- Build outwards whenever possible, especially in small areas.
- Impassible lines are your friends! We don't like bumping into stuff :(
- SET A SKY FOR THE MAP. See tip #7 in below post for details. (MBF-style, not with mapinfo)
- Make the map look damn sexy.
- Post for final submission in this thread/IRC.

Odamex DB cfg: http://deathz0r.unidoom.org/oda/Odamex_DB.cfg (put in Doombuilder folder)
Resource WAD (for detailers): http://32in24.startan3.com/32in24ctf2_tex.zip

Map List:

Finished Layouts:
Butts - Untitled 1 http://www.speedyshare.com/888971712.html
Mastan - Stairway to Capture http://h1.ripway.com/mastan/blarg-mastan.wad
Xaser - Spiral Meningitis http://www.speedyshare.com/496542268.html
Nes - Flow-Over-Flow http://www.speedyshare.com/971274837.html

Claimed For Detailing:
Catoptromancy - The Half Finished Rushed Map Because I Was Lazy http://www.speedyshare.com/292913512.html - Claimed by Nuxius
Goatface - House of Unwanted Children http://www.speedyshare.com/558416875.html - Claimed by Xaser
Mechadon - Genobi http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/Mek_32in24Lay1.wad - Claimed by iori_
Mechadon - Conglom Lux http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/Mek_32in24Lay2.wad - Claimed by Butts

Detailed But Need More Pylons:

Layout gets a gigantic thumbs down from me.
That is unplayable, I'm sorry.
Dude I was running around in that map for 45 seconds and couldn't get out of one base.
theres like a door to every single area
and its all medium small rooms

Impboy/MionicDonut - Virgil's Leading CTF II: http://www.speedyshare.com/666753171.html

Finished Maps:
Nes/Death-Destiny: FIRST WE RUSH THEN WE CRUSH http://www.speedyshare.com/695188254.html
Edward850/Impboy: Speedy CTF http://edward850.serveftp.com:8080/users/Edward850/speedyctffinal.zip
Fisk/Nautilus: You Gotta Take The Stairs http://download.yousendit.com/6E20223E4A6FD457
RottKing/Mechadon: Gargantuan Retarded http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/MekRott7-32in24Done2.zip
TheGreenHerring/Impboy: The Accursed Gorge http://disasterlabs.com/thegreenherring/temp/32in24-7_TGH2_DetailedByImpboy.zip
Worst/Kuchikitaichou: http://www.speedyshare.com/708137619.html
Bucket/MionicDonut/Esselfortium - LOLSMALL http://sl4.startan3.com/wasd/LOLSMALL-3.wad
ClonedPickle/Impboy - A Bad Place To Live: http://www.speedyshare.com/361780341.html
Butts/Brinks - Crazy Villagers' Ritual of Sexual Pillagers: http://www.speedyshare.com/976319635.html
Stewboy/RottKing - City of Dirty Maniacs: http://www.rottking.unidoom.org/32in24-7stew1rott.wad
Impboy/Esselfortium - Pyramid at Baron's Gate: http://sl4.startan3.com/wasd/32in24-7-impessel.wad
Nautilus/Bucket - Dropping Loads: http://www.speedyshare.com/990834616.html
Jimmy/Mechadon - Bedeviled Duality: http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/MekJimb-32in24Done2.zip
TheGreenHerring/icytux/TheGreenHerring (again) - Blood and Water: http://disasterlabs.com/thegreenherring/temp/32in24-7_TGH1_DetailedByIcytux_EditedByTGH.zip
Bucket/Nautilus - R.I.P. Charlton Heston: http://download.yousendit.com/79207BFD2BB3EBA9
Nes/Impboy - Major League Dooming: http://www.speedyshare.com/587472866.html
Esselfortum/Tango - Bartlett's III: The Road Warrior http://tango.startan3.com/other/esseltang-7-1.wad
Forty-Two/Mechadon - Ill Descent: http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/MekStew-32in24Done3.zip
Kassman/Forty-Two - Birth of Headache: http://www.speedyshare.com/756879404.html
Mechadon/Brinks - Velocity Kitten Go: http://www.speedyshare.com/165434664.html (music)
Brinks/Kassman - Insane Gunslinger Compound: http://www.speedyshare.com/603829318.html
Kassman/Worst - Keeping It Simple: http://two.xthost.info/botw/kassman_worst32in24-7.zip
Brinks/RottKing - Really Pissed-Off Libraries: http://www.rottking.unidoom.org/32in24-7brinksrott.wad
RottKing/Bucket - Fear and Loathing in Dwango5: http://www.speedyshare.com/422135610.html
RottKing/Esselfortium - Broken Bones and Shit: http://sl4.startan3.com/wasd/32in24-7rottessel.wad
Bucket/Nuxius - Flushhhhh: http://www.speedyshare.com/260822533.html
MionicDonut/Lockwolf/Nuxius/MionicDonut (again) - Tits N' Cowbell: http://www.speedyshare.com/278947272.html
Butts/Mechadon - Satyun: http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/MekButts-32in24Done.zip
Spadger/MionicDonut - Oh Dear: http://www.speedyshare.com/542437284.html
Jimmy/Bucket - Luftwaffles: http://www.speedyshare.com/237977321.html
Xaser/Stewboy - Dastardly Dick's Dizzy Discus: http://two.xthost.info/maink/wads/xaser32i24_7done.zip

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Okay, so in this post I'm going to put some stuff that should help you guys out.

1) When mirroring your maps to create the other team's base, you want to go into Doom Builder's Configuration dialog (fit F5, or look in the Tools menu), and do the following:
- Disable "Adjust pasted sectors to correct relative heights" in the Editing tab
- Enable "Copy effects and tags when pasting" in the Editing tab

This will hopefully prevent Doom Builder from messing with your floor and ceiling heights when you mirror the map. If you have any linedefs or vertices really really close to each other (like, 1 unit or less), it might merge them when pasting (I'm not sure). You might want to check the Edit menu to see if there's anything to Undo, other than the actual paste. If you use SLADE normally, I would recommend using Doom Builder for flipping your map. Trust me, it's much less likely to screw your lines up.

2) Rotate the map 180 degrees instead of using horizontal or vertical flip. This way, all the texturing and stuff should remain aligned correctly.

3) To easily change all your red/blue textures for the opposite team's base, follow these steps in Doom Builder:
- Drag to select the base you want to change the colors in.
- From the Edit menu, select "Find and Replace...", or press Ctrl+H.
- Select the "Linedef texture" option from the search type pulldown menu.
- Be sure that the "Within current selection" and "Replace only (no select)" checkboxes have been checked!
- Click the [...] button next to the "Find what:" text box. It will bring up all the textures currently used in your map. Pick the first red/blue team-colored one in the list.
- Click the [...] button next to the "Replace with:" text box, click on the same texture in the list, and then press tab. From there, you should be able to easily find and pick the opposite-colored version of that texture.
- Rinse and repeat until you've finished replacing all the team-colored textures, then do the same with the "Sector flat" search type.
- Unless you did something horribly wrong, you're done!

4) If you're not using Doom Builder, or if you're too lazy or stupid to install the provided Odamex config, here are the thing types you need to know:
5080 Blue Team Player Start
5081 Red Team Player Start
5130 Blue Flag
5131 Red Flag

5) Probably at least half of you haven't read the rules carefully enough. Go do it right now, I'm not kidding.

6) If a layout seems like it's not going to be fun to play, don't claim it for detailing. Don't just pick the first map you see, actually try to make sure it's something worth playing first. Similarly, if you won't be able to do a good job of making maps look good, detailing is probably not the job for you. Do the best job you can to meet the standards set by 32in24-5. Insanely high sector count is not required, but make it look good.

7 I've included a ton of skies in the resource wad, including a bunch of new recolors I made of Doom skies and cool stuff like that. To set a sky for your map, you'll have to use the MBF sky transfer line, special 271. Here's how:
- Create a dummy sector outside of your map.
- Give one line of that dummy sector line special 271.
- Set the line's upper texture (yes, upper texture) to the sky texture you want to use.
- Give the line a sector tag, and tag all sky-ceiling areas of your map with the same number.
- If you need to use multiple tags in outdoor areas, for lifts or whatever, you'll need to split your sky-transfer line into one line for each number and tag them accordingly.

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Imma sign up for a layout or two. Then once there are some layouts posted I'll start detailing.

Working now :O

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If you want to flip your layout to make the other team's base, to get a better idea of how it'll play, go for it. The list of detail rules specifies that they should chop off one team's half of the map, do their texturing/detailing, and then mirror it again and adjust the textures to fit. Really, as long as the finished maps are symmetrical, I don't care how you do it. :P

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For the record, you don't need to sign up ahead of time to do a layout. The only times you're actually required to post anything here are when you've got a finished layout ready for downloading, when you want to claim a map for detailing, and when you've got a finished detailjob.

Other discussion and questions/comments are okay, of course, though! Just saying that layout signups aren't required.

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Here's a layout I just made.


To whoever details it, feel free to make any changes you want in order to improve gameplay. It's my first CTF map ever, so chances are it plays like crap.

EDIT: Updated the link in this post with a new version. Just added a few things and made it a bit bigger.

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Damn, should've checked earlier today.
I'll do some layouts, but I won't be around till tomorrow afternoon.

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esselfortium said:
Welcome to the thrilling seventh installment of 32in24! It will run Sunday, April 6th, 2007 for 24 hours, from the start to the end of the day (EST).

Damnit. :(


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Alrighty I'll get you a layout. WAit 'till I wake up this afternoon and you'll have it....

I might even detail a different layouot o.O

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MekaLayOwt 2

http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/Mek_32in24Lay2.wad - "Conglom Lux" - No music provided

So uh...I guess I lied when I said I'd take a more straightforward approach :S. It's also pretty good looking; I don't even know why I did as much detail as I did. Oh well...hopefully it's detailable! Let me know if there are any problems.

I'll claim a detail job later.


To whomever details this; could you please switch around the chainguns/shotguns and think of something to make getting the BFG a little bit harder? For the BFG some sort of barrier which is lowerd by a hidden switch or something of that nature is fine as long as it isn't incredibly difficult, just moderately.

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You don't have to ask for a slot jimbo, just make one and then submit. The only time you need to ask for a slot is when claiming a map for detailing.

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Layouts ahoy? Too many chiefs and not enough indians? ;P

Oh no I'm jumping on the bandwagon:


Name: "Dastardly Dick's Dizzy Discus"
Music: "A Field for Mag" from Tyrian -- probably overused but hey.

If a couple halls feel cramped, change 'em. I really don't mind if the flow's messed with much but I have one requirement. You are not allowed to remove the sky-floors. Repeat: Do not remove the sky-floors. Please keep the sky-floors. :P

Have fun though! :P

[EDIT] - slight name change. Sounds more cheesy goodness now.
Also Jimmy, I just barely didn't use Gryphone for the music -- 'twas a hard decision, though a lucky one. :P

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