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Dark Yoda

Freedoom on iPad

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We ported Doom Classic to iPad and released it as Doomsday: Hellraiser HD with WAD, which based on Freedoom project.
Sources: http://github.com/TermiT/Doomsday--Hellraiser
WAD build tools: http://github.com/TermiT/Doomsday--Hellraiser-resources
iPack file maker: http://github.com/TermiT/mkpack
Our UI graphics (bsd license): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1400234/doomsday/resources.zip
Links to music and other stuff: http://doomsday.generalarcade.com/
Thank you, guys. If you had an iPad and you want try this game for free pm me. If you had some questions how to build it from sources or something else just pm me.

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