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Maps 4TMD (Happy Birthday Donuts!)

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Further combating the endless slew of whorish birthday map demands comes another genuine surprise pack from camp #doomtwid. This time, it's MAYhem and ASS maintainer The Mionic Donut (also a duel and stabby enthusiast; enquire for further details), and 8 maps of varying theme and difficulty... quality assured!

Only the tastiest donuts for the Doomworld community.

>> Download <<

Map01: "Hell's Patisserie" by Jimmy
Map02: "A Donut Special is a Terrible Thing to Waste" by MTrop
Map03: "Mionic Donuts" by Pinchy
Map04: "Welcome to my Chocolate Goldmine" by AD_79
Map05: "Dumpster Diving at Tim Horton's" by Marcaek
Map06: "D of Destruction" by Rottking
Map07: "TMD Fights the North Korean Airforce in a Gundam Suit" by Breezeep
Map08: "Frogurt Lake and Donut" by Alfonzo

The maps are once again Doom 2 Boom compatible. Thanks to Jimmy and Pinchy for providing the title, intermission and m_skull graphics.

Enjoy etc.!

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Alfonzo said:

"D of Destruction" by Rottking

I love this mapname. :)

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