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Nick Perrin

Go To Hell B****! Beta Testers Needed!

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Just tested it. Noted a few things:

* What ravage said about the M60.
* The grenades should take more. It's so hard to hit someone with them, it should be made worth it.
* The double shotgun laying-on-ground graphic I don't like. Make them laying next to eachother or something instead of having one upside down. It looks unnatural.
* Weapon number six covers too much of the screen when you shoot. You can't see the target.

Other than that, it'd probably be pretty fun for deathmatch.

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Found a couple bugs while playing.

1) The "boom boom bow" isn't put away if there's not enough ammo for the next shot. IE, if your ammo is 49 or below, the bow stays out, and is only put away when you try to shoot and don't have enough ammo. At least it doesn't go into negative ammo. =) Oh, the pistols do this too. Edit: So do the grenades.

2) You should change the ammo pickup for cells from 20 to 25 since the bow uses 50 per shot. Picking up a weapon gives the person double the small ammo type (so in this case, picking up the bow would give a person 25x2 or 50 as opposed to 20x2 or 40). Unless people were deathmatching in Nightmare!, you'd only get 40 for picking up the bow, which isn't even enough to shoot it.

3) The grenades make a "tink" sound if thrown repeatedly very fast. I usually hear it if I press the fire button very fast, if the grenade has a long way to fall (from a height), or if the Cyberdemon is the one using grenades.

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