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New Doom Legacy level, please check out

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You'll probably get more responses over at the Legacy forum at NewDoom.com. :)

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It's patchy. First of all, I recommend running it through Zennode, because there was holes everywhere in GL for me. The large bit where the room has been blown/fallen apart is really really nice. Uh... brain... dying.. no more words.

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ToXiCFLUFF: When I used Zennode, the thing starting throwing segfaults and refusing to run. Before it started doing that, Zennode did improve the level vastly. Any idea why?

Rellik: I might go over there, but NewDoom.com and I have disagreed in the past.

Thanks for your thoughts. Anyone else have any opinions?


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I would try it out, but I only use legacy in the most extreme of circumstances.

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