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Final Version of ICD-Lizard is now available!!!

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Lizardcommando said:

You know, just for the hell of it, I've decided to work on this project a little longer. There won't be beta tests for this one though. I'm adding in some stuff that Dunbar had suggested earlier such as the SS Lizard with the Mauser (That's already done!) And the two WW2 Allied Lizards (The one with the Garand and the Sten). Hell, I've already added in a new weapon. It's a flamethrower, but it's kinda sucky on account that the ammo is VERY limited and the range sucks, but the good thing is that it's REALLY powerful! I like to think of it as the Turok 2 Flamethrower. If anyone remembers that game, they had a flamethrower in it, but the range on that thing also sucked. (Hmm... Maybe that was the first Turok game that had a flamethrower...) I might even add in a .357 Magnum just because that one in ICD-SE is so damn cool! :p. Well, that's about it... The one that's on my site is the official release, but the one I'll release will be the official "official" release. I'll probably release it in about a month or two, depending how busy I am...

Sounds totally awesome, dude! Maybe you could look into a couple things... like, the grenade can be shown as just a hand holding a grenade like in the newest ICD-SE. Have you seen the newest version? It's got a couple things I think you don't have implemented in ICD-Lizard.

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Yeah, I've downloaded the new ICD-SE. I'm gonna add in a .357 magnum later, but right now I've got to make the new allies. The magnum's probably the only thing that will be directly ported from ICD-SE other than the other guns that were originally replaced.

Blackfish: Sounds cool, hope to see the finished product of your RPG. :)

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Here's an update on the project:

I added in the .357 Magnum.
The Flamethrower was removed.
I added in the WW2 Allied Lizard with Garand.

I'm about 95% done with this thing. I need to add in one more ally and I'll be done.

I also decided to keep working on Lizard's World, the unofficial add-on mapset for ICD-Lizard. I made some more maps and I'm working on another one. I'll probably release the next version of it in a few months, depends on when I feel like uploading it... :/

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