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some small ACS help needed :)

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Guess the same goes with SetMarineSprite, so it'll be ,let's say, "Sargeant" and not "sargeant" neither "shotgun guy"... huh?

In my new map you start in Nilnah's thronekeep. There are no enemies there, but pretty many neutral creatures. I'm willing to put a shopkeeper there, at whose place you can buy ammo, medikits, armours and a few weapons. So I'll also have to come up with some kind of currency. There will be several items (sprites from Strife, let's say), which, after picking up, will add some points to "variable a:". When player comes to the shop and presses a button, script will print the information on the items price. After pressing the button for a second time, script will chech if player has enough "a", and after subtracting a specific amount, the item will be spawned or added to players inventory.

Any ideas how to do the script checking the amount of "a" and a script for adding "a"?

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