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/newstuff and /idgames FAQ - READ THIS

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  1. What is The /newstuff Chronicles?

    The /newstuff Chronicles is a periodic roundup of recent uploads to the /idgames Archive. Anyone with a Doomworld forums account can write reviews for The /newstuff Chronicles.

  2. How do I write for The /newstuff Chronicles?

    The /newstuff Review Center is the place to submit reviews and screenshots for newly-uploaded WADs to the /idgames Archive.

  3. What is the /idgames Archive?

    The /idgames Archive is a host for all types of Doom engine PWADs and modifications. It is hosted by Gamers.org and maintained by Eric Baker and Bill Koch. Doomworld does not have any connection to the FTP server or web server at archives.gamers.org, nor any of the official mirrors. However, Doomworld does run the web-based front end to the archive (see below).

  4. What is the Doomworld /idgames Archive database?

    The /idgames Archive database on Doomworld is located at http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/. It provides a web-based front end to nearly all files in the /idgames Archive. Players can vote and comment on WADs, as well as get convenient download links from all supported mirrors of the archive.

  5. How do I get my WAD reviewed in The /newstuff Chronicles?

    Upload your WAD to the archives using the following instructions. Additionally, you should refer to the official rules regarding uploading to the archive. Don't forget to include your WAD's text file inside the ZIP file, and additionally upload a copy of the text file separately.

  6. Where do I get the template for the text file?

    Here. Alternately, you can use the /idgames text file generator.

  7. What is FTP? Where can I get an FTP client?

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. For more information, see the Wikipedia entry on FTP. You can find a list of FTP clients here. We recommend either CoreFTP or the Filezilla Client. You can also use the FireFTP extension for Firefox if you prefer that browser. If you really have no idea what you're doing, try using this tutorial.

  8. Please note:

    • If you are behind a proxy server, the connection may not work.
    • There is a limit on the number of simultaneous users on the FTP server. BE PATIENT. Do not hammer the server by continually trying to log in. Try accessing it some time around midnight EST (5 AM GMT).
    • ZIP your WAD files, and always put the text file describing your WAD inside the ZIP file, as well as uploading it separately.
    • Again, you should read the official rules regarding uploading to the archive.

  9. Instructions for using a GUI FTP client:

    1. Load an FTP client (FileZilla or something similar).
    2. Connect to archives.gamers.org. The username is "anonymous", and the password is your email address (i.e. user@host.net).
    3. Once connected, navigate the directory structure to /pub/idgames/incoming/.
    4. Upload your ZIP file, and BE SURE to upload the text file required to accompany it.

  10. Instructions for using a command-line FTP client:
    ftp archives.gamers.org
    username: anonymous
    password: (put e-mail here)
    cd /pub/idgames/incoming/
    put (ZIP file)
    put (text file)

  11. What will be rejected?

    • Uploads with long filenames (more than 12 characters).
    • Warez copies of anything.
    • Junk in ZIP files.
    • Uploads with no text file included.
    • Anything not related to any Doom engine games (such as a modification for Quake 3).
    • Any SLIGE/OBLIGE levels.
    • WADs with resources used without permission (though these might slip through; if someone complains, the file may be removed).
    • MP3s/OGGs in WADs, unless it can be verified that the creation is original, and ideally is intended for the specific WAD file.
    • Copyrighted sound clips of Disney, Beavis and Butthead, etc.
    • Unmodified parts of any IWAD.
    • "Demo" WADs that are not playable in their own right (other than editing examples).
    • Modified id Software levels.
    • Trademarked or copyrighted symbols.
    • Files over 50MB in size without prior approval.
    • Any other questionable things.

  12. My file disappeared right after I successfully uploaded it! What happened?

    Don't worry. Within seconds, files uploaded to /incoming are automatically moved to another subdirectory where the archive maintainer can examine them.

  13. Do I need to do anything else after uploading a file?

    The archive maintainer will send an e-mail to the address you specified in the text file to make sure the upload is genuine. Details are available here.

  14. Where can I get reports about which files were rejected or accepted?

    Rejected and accepted items from the last 7 days.

  15. How long will my file remain in /newstuff, and what happens to it afterward?

    If your file is accepted, it is placed in /newstuff and remains there for ten days. At the same time, it is also placed in its final location, which varies according to the type of WAD you uploaded. The "accepted" report above will indicate its final destination.

  16. Where can I upload Demos (LMPs)?

    There is no active LMP upload area any more. You can probably find all you want concerning demos at the Doomworld Demos forum, the SDA, and COMPET-N.

  17. How do I contact the archive maintainers?

    E-mail idgmaint@gamers.org; start your subject line with 'DOOM-FTP:'.

  18. Where can I download files?

    Use the main download mirror, which is located here. We also recommend using Doomworld's /idgames Archive page, which provides a web-based front-end for WAD rating, reviewing, and downloading.

  19. I'm getting the message "archives.gamers.org not found" (or something similar). What's going on?

    Chances are that you are behind a proxy server. Ask somebody else that you know to upload your WAD for you.

  20. I'm getting the message "There are too many connections from your internet address." What's wrong?

    The FTP server does not allow multiple connections from the same IP address. Check your FTP client's settings and limit the simultaneous number of connections to 1. In FileZilla Client, this can be done by creating an entry for the /idgames Archive in the Site Manager, going to the Transfer Settings tab, checking the box that says Limit number of simultaneous connections, and setting the value to 1.

  21. I'm having problems uploading with Internet Explorer. What should I do?

    Internet Explorer is not an ideal option for uploading files via FTP. Find a real FTP client using the links above.

  22. I just made a big circular room with a cyberdemon in it. Will it be accepted?

    Yes, but expect a bad review (if any at all).

  23. I made a music WAD. Will it be accepted?

    Yes, but no copyrighted MP3s. Any digital music must specifically be made for your level or project.

  24. My WAD uses resources from other games or WADs. Will this be accepted?

    Only if you have received the proper permissions. If it is accepted without getting the proper permissions, the owner of those resources will likely be able to get it removed from the archives.

  25. I'm looking for a WAD on the FTP, but I cannot find it!

    Try the /idgames Archive database search.

  26. Who will review my WAD?

    Anyone with a Doomworld forums account can review WADs. New editions of the Chronicles are posted every few weeks. You can find the reviews on the main page or the Doomworld News forum.

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