Here's 12 unfinished maps of miscellaneous stuff.
alternate links of same thing:
Tested/works in prboomplus/zdoom (only map 3 has slower movement in zdoom some reason). Candles mark any walk over lines that trigger stuff. A few I already uploaded a longish time ago, some are new.

1. using simple unit 'pieces' (turn left, straight, 3-way) to compose a larger complex structure. More height variation would be cool but that can make skies produce glitchy visuals.

2. a fractal stair thing and exploding column (too bad the explosion's noise happens in the dummy sector so you can't hear it now).

3. the main interesting thing here is making fake horizontal sector movement (normal doom sector movement is only verticle). Some reason they move slow in zdoom, normal in prboom. Cool how they also appears to move in automap. Also some kinda interesting architecture where the floor doesn't share the same sector pattern as the ceiling (meaning both floor and ceiling had to have their patterns combined into a more complex pattern).

4. various walk over lines with complex actions (the red key textured thing is probably more complex than it looks keeping in mind its also fake horizontal movement, taking more than a hundred dummy action lines and was a headache to figure out. Could have been done much more efficiently if I was less retarded and made new textures in xwe or something). Also a huge switch (that doesn't do anything now), and a giant sand castle-ish thing.

5. just some visual stuff

6. walk over the line then wait to see it build. protip: walk over the blue sectors. (not finished like all these others, so you'd have to idclip if you fall in the sector that lowers). Also an idea to make a really long fake multi story spiral staircase. You get the idea but its obviously not set up perfectly now because its obvious that you're warping. You have to use textures that are really plain or you'll notice you're warping due to subtle floor texture changes.

7. one of the more interesting ones maybe with various unfinished experiments.

8. a big maze of complex stair architecture.

9. this is cool but it has glitches I gave up trying to fix. Uses a warping trick to make stairs appear to mutate. The warp lines are what seems to be glitching it, thinking they're part of the architecture. I guess you can't have a lone line passing over multiple sectors without glitches or something.

10. just messing around with copy/paste, not that great.

11. spiral stairs with light patterns

12. multiple slight tweaks on an attempted hollow face illusion (if its not obvious they watch you wherever you go, unless you go too far to the side and break the illusion). Some look slightly better than others.