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Claustrophobia 1024 2: :[Released!]:

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I'm up to MAP25 "The Process". KingKill33 is officially my favourite mapper of the moment. Every single map he has done that was included so far has had tight, compelling, diverse gameplay and his vibrant, bright "arcade-ish" visual design has been a welcome change from the usual gothic mopery.

Excellent pack, although I wasn't fond of "Darkness Abides". Sorry Jodwin, the gameplay on this one boils down to constant "teleporting monster switches, oh fuck RUN AGAIN!". I don't mind that Hell-Revealed-ish style in larger maps, but not in such cramped conditions.

Edit: Skipped MAP28. Visually excellent, gameplay is the definition of suckitude. This mapset has been entirely completeable and a great challenge so far on UV-fast, but unless there's something I'm not seeing, it's IMPOSSIBLE to stay alive on this map with this difficulty. Too many monsters, no cover (that doesn't mean "a place to hide") and the arch-viles add insult to injury. I'm reminded of the "infinite chaingunners valley" in a map from a previous Community Pack. Some challenges just are not fair (yes, I went through Hell Revealed 2 on UV-fast, even Deus Vult).

Edit 2: And MAP29... sorry but this kind of "box in the player with a load of enemies and arch viles and make them run around without cover like there's a lost soul up their arse until some switch suddenly appears" gameplay isn't fun and is just frustrating. Bad design.

But then it follows up with one of the most inventive and intruiging maps I've ever played: MAP30 "???". Very clever, abstract and fun.

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I got stuck on one of the maps. I forget which one exactly, as I apparently missed what was the objective for the map and ended walking into an inescapable hole that was supposed to raise when coming into the room from a different doorway.

All I remember about the map was that the starting room had 4 teleporters in a plus (+) shape and the map had unnecessarily fast paced music.

Also I noticed a lot of tracks from Motornerve were used in this that I haven't used anywhere else other than the music resource wads I got em from.

EDIT: It was MAP11. The first time I played I did not see the key that was here then I meandered downstairs and walked into the teleport here which took me back into that room without opening the yellow door and thus not raising the floor those imps were supposed to teleport in on.

Also on a side note MAP09 has two sectors that don't have lines.

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Claus 2, now finally on Idgames!

chischis said:

comments on different maps

It's cool to like and dislike different maps, I mean, everyone likes different kinds of stuff. Personally I prefer map28 over some of KingKill's maps in the set, while for you it's the opposite. And know what, neither of us is "right" since these are just opinions.

However, I'd like to point out that this set wasn't tested with or designed for fast monsters. Of course you can play with fast monsters, but it's not really any of ours fault that some maps are ridiculous on a setting that they weren't supposed to be played with. Also, if you find something too hard on UV, no one's stopping you from trying a lower skill level.

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Finally finished this. Really great stuff for the most part and quite impressive how you're able to always cram so much into such a little space. A few nice Archville situations (not only the mandatory one at the end) and a few very annoying ones. Some of the maps seem almost impossible to beat from pistol start. Seriously though, even if it somehow worked in a couple of maps, I think 1024 maps can well do without a monstercount of 100-150..

My favorites were map15 (very atmospheric - and I spent ages searching for the secret exit, but couldn't find a way back up without cheats) and map19 (details :P~~) and a few others whose numbers I forgot.
GG, guys.

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Ok. I just had a look at the last level. I remember this one. This was an awesome boss fight.

You have to let the archviles blast you up onto the two side platforms. Once you hit the switch on both sides, it spawns one key. Then you do the same again and get the second key. Then again a third time.

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