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A more violent approach? aBRASION Test - GET IT!

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I'm certainly trying - but it's a fine line between quality and performance, I'm looking into sprites to replace unnecessarily modeled props, effects etc - Most of the major models - on-screen weapons, enemies etc only just manage to fall short of the max polycount which is somewhere not too far below the 4096 threshold so around 7000+ triangles per viewmodel or enemy model displayed...

Links and tags!? Full-brights on model sections and whatnot!? Joyous rapture. Does that include shaders? I'd be like some kind of kid in a cadaver store... :b

Does that mean I can have the models so single model setups are 1000 polys shorter in most instances - if enemies can use a separate model for their handheld items etc. Most weapon and ammo pickups are between 200-1000 polys also... So - quite a few polys being drawn in scenes... I have been limiting the overall use mainly due to the black boxes around the models - it's an enlarged copy with flipped faces and a black texture... So, without the black boxes, most would fall in at around 2-3000 tris, 1-2000 verts

Edit: I'll post a quick vid of around 480,000 polys worth of kit - it's quite a bit of overkill, can't really think of any scenes that would require 60 odd shotgunners drawn onscreen at any one time, but if it helps somewhat. Also a quick peek at the M38 Combat Shotgun. :b


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Soon - and about DAMN time too... Some things to look forward to...

Bf3-ish Knife takedowns... IF I can get it to work properly...

A map... Not really a map, more so messing around with what can be done with the Hyper3dge engine...

Reworked, tweaked, properly functional and pretty HUD.

Same but different enemies, just worked over and tweaked - no hitscan weapons for enemies - these have been replaced with projectiles - Thusly no sniper 'snapping' instant death - provided you keep moving or stay covered. New look also.

Weapons - Still not sure of the complete arsenal - but what you have thus far should sound, look and taste good. Also a few generous nods in this department - when you see it, you'll know.

Effects, explosions etc. etc. plentiful and reasonably well fitting where I could.

Rockin' things coming soon...

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It's rough as guts and a few things are still missing. Let me know what you think. Mainly testing effects and a few weapons - enjoy!

Run something along the lines of: "Edge2.exe -file demo.wad demo_kos.wad -ddf demo"

'demo_kos.wad' a test map for particle emitters and a few world effects... Very full on for what it is.

http://www.filefactory.com/file/4uuihjshdfb9/n/aBRASION_rar -DON'T BOTHER!- GO HERE INSTEAD: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/qq20mnkvjl/abrasion.7z

This links is active for about 7 days I believe, get it while it's still steaming.

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I hope you'll pardon the commercial but that file sharing service you uploaded to was horrible.

This is a repost from eruanna over at the ZDoom forums:

DRD Team File Sharing (Better than Rapidshare!)

Postby Eruanna ยป Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:38 pm

NOTE FROM MANAGEMENT: You will need to register a [free] account on DRD Team File Sharing (not the same as your DRD Team forum account!) before you can upload any files at all, otherwise the site will give you an error that your file is too large.

For those of you sick of seeing all those free hosts delete your old files, etc, don't like countdowns, captchas, and spam advertisements telling you to register and pay for every single free file host you come across, an alternative has recently been launched.

DRD Team now allows the Doom community to share their files with others - free of charge! You can directly link the files on that site to the forum, and the site should be very intuitive and easy to use.

To access it, use http://files.drdteam.org/

If you have any problems, please reply to the news post here: http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4348

(Please be aware that uploads are regularly monitored - anything illegal will get you banned)

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Quick update - almost everything from the earliest releases has been brought back and a few more things.

Sneaky takedowns still aren't full implemented yet -working on it, as they're supposed to look cool and give you an edge during combat.

Silent weapons are still silent so to speak, but now if you blow the head off or alert a nearby enemy and his cheery buddies are close by - they'll be alerted too and in turn will also join the fray. Sneaky takedowns will be the only way to avoid this.

Weapons implemented and finished so far:

1. Fists/Mighty Boot

2. P330 Pistol - Silenced/Unsilenced, Glock Pistol, Glock 'n' Shield, Deagle

3. Silenced Shotgun, Pump Shotgun w/magazine, Sawn-off shotgun

4. F1000 Assault Rifle, USG9mm

5. M79 Grenade Launcher

6. M40A1 Sniper Rifle

7. Flamethrower

Planned weapons: Many

Other things of note:
Snipers wear helmets and are no longer easily susceptible to headshots with lower caliber weapons - shotguns, rifles or explosives are the best tools to overcome this. Some effects have been made prettier.

Next release will herald more weapons, items and bad guys.

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Oh, it'll be back - All the weapons from the prior versions and quite a few more - rehashed better animated and more detailed.

At the moment working on the Tec9 and hand grenades of various types - thereafter the Ak47.

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Awesome. BTW, how did you create the effect where if you shoot a guy with a silenced weapon, nearby enemies "wake up." I've always loved the silent weapons in Edge, but it is pretty gimped where you can shoot a dude and an enemy standing next to him doesn't hear a thing. Congrats on such a nice piece of work

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Quick rundown; The nearby alert effect is done by creating a 'spare_attack' that's a radius damage attack that does no damage whatsoever and has a corresponding 'pain' state that's essentially null and has no triggers for pain sounds, before leading to the #chase state. Easy to do and a fun element that adds to the gameplay.

You also need to create the 'spawn' version of the same creature with a 100% painchance for it to work properly from there it 'becomes' or is #remove(d) - and the alerted or normal creature is spawned in its place. Similar roustabout also comes in handy for making shootable corpses and whatnot.

You'll have to excuse my laziness with updates and whatnot - but if it's any minor consolation, I'll see what I can have done by the end of the week.

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Quick update - You'll have to excuse my laziness on the front of updates.

New in the next release -

A few new enemies toting pistols and other hardware.

-Flamethrower - still not done, may become deprecated.
-Obligatory can of gas, aersols and lighter.
-Winchester rifle.
-.45 Pistol.
-Frag Grenades, Concussion/Flash grenades and Gas.
-Rehashed Revolver/Pump Shotgun.
-TeK9 updated and model revised.

If you have anything you'd like added, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fit it in somewhere. :b

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This is a seriously great project.

If I may offer a humble suggestion, you need to get together with likeminded mappers and texture artists etc etc and make a total conversion. That way, the maps and surrounding areas could really make all your awesome guns/baddies stand out.

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I agree with the 9 eyed one. It would be criminal to let abrasion become nothing more than another weapons modification. Unfortunately, all the Edge mappers are scattered and Sierraoscar19 keeps chewing through the straps we put him in.

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Wellerty - I'll see what I can do about replacing the original textures with textures most fitting, higher res and suited to the graphical style chosen for this project - Stay tuned. :b

Well, it's taken longer than expected but the end result should look alot better and animate smoother, somewhat new and memory friendlier effects and slightly reduced polycount on quite a few things without a noticeable difference... More soon.

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I appreciate your patience - biggest problem between life and whatnot is - I keep getting better at what I'm doing with this project design and detail wise.. THUS I feel things need rehashing... Predominantly a HUGE increase in model detail - but with a few nifty tricks - roughly the same amount of Polys. ;)

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Looks like it will be made really really well for what it is. I also have no doubt that the authors are gonna really care and do well by this project, but I have never enjoyed cartoon graphics in Doom.

I won't not try it, though, and I look forward to giving this a shot, anyway :)

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maggotjoe said:

Mega upload doesn't even exist anymore can somebody give me a link to this mod!!! please!

Scroll back up and look at kronos' posts on this very page.

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Well what about a M4 carbine,a m60,a m249,a mp5navy,a uzi,a mp7 and a spas12?
I would like to see these weapons in this mod.
Also the m60 is my favourite machinegun.

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