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A more violent approach? aBRASION Test - GET IT!

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Well, we'll have to see what can be done - progress is slow atm - but should be well worth the wait... If you have a previous version of aBRASION, you'll notice a vast difference in the quality of textures, models and animations in the next release...

Here's a taste; some of the updated weapons...

Don't know why the images are so saturated though...

New AK - http://i.imgur.com/0HFpgIq.png

New G3KA3 - http://i.imgur.com/RQAAHmF.png

New Glock - http://i.imgur.com/0hgZ5hB.png

New M79 - http://i.imgur.com/zmvrmBM.png

New Pump Shotgun - http://i.imgur.com/yuBPOpv.png

New Colt - http://i.imgur.com/CbsAHu0.png

New Tec - http://i.imgur.com/6jMbvQj.png

Old and unseen M4A4 - http://i.imgur.com/pvr0D2Z.png

We've got you covered on the M4 Carbine and the M249 - As for the rest, we'll see what can be accommodated.

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This looks very nice, you are very talented to be doing this on your own. You should do a commercial release like Wrack.

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Seconding the desire to have a ZDoom/Zandronum version of this mod - I tried to use the current test version but couldn't get EDGE to run properly. The weapons look amazing, and I'm hoping the action will be faster paced to follow suit.

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The art style reminds me a lot like Borderlands.

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sierraoscar19 said:

Any update on this project???

I'd recommend emailing the author about it, as it looks like he hasn't been on DW for close to a year.

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Does anyone still have the original Abrasion (i think it was called abrasion_test.zip??)


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