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EGA Doom Version 2.0

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Sigvatr's site seems to be down now and the Gameboy palette WAD isn't available on idgames, does anyone have a mirror?

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Mad Butcher said:


I think this is it. It's from the old WadHost archive.

That's it, thank you!

Someone should submit it to /newstuff, in case Mediafire goes down or decides it doesn't like cool things.

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It's a shame Sigvatr never uploaded these to /idgames before he got himself banned. I actually wanted to use the EGA palette in a mod, too.

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There's also a second EGA Doom palette in the archives. This one has a Colormap, too. Not sure how they compare otherwise.


Edit: Hell, there's a third one by deathz0r. Everyone be rockin' the EGA!


Edit2: all three are very different. Sigvatr's seems to be the closest translation of the original Doom palette.

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