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[Megawad] Back to Saturn X - April Fools! Real E2 pictures on page 9 :)

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EPISODE 1 RELEASE THREAD: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/62529-back-to-saturn-x-episode-i-released-0-99f-various-updates-for-odamex-night/


Original project announcement post follows:

Back to Saturn X is a megawad. A really, really big megawad.

It's entirely decked out with a pack of all new, (mostly) never-before-seen textures, primarily by Esselfortium with some much appreciated work from Ptoing and Xaser.

It's inspired by Quake 2, Doom 64, Darkening E2, Suspended in Dusk, The Plutonia Experiment, and Alien Vendetta all at the same time.

Levels are being designed by a hand-picked team that's so large, it'd actually be silly if I were to write a list of all of them. (I was originally going to, but the sentences were really getting out of hand.)

So, here are just a few of the BtSX mappers to start out with, for now.







Don't touch that dial! Stay tuned: in the coming weeks, there will be lots more information about Back to Saturn X, a vanilla-compatible megawad.

Update 09/05/11: More pictures, more names http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1008399

Update 09/10/11: Even more pictures, even more names http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1010204

Update 09/22/11: Did somebody say episode 3? And.. also some other stuff?

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Grain of Salt said:

Looks excellent. I especially like the claus1024 style soft blues. Who made the new palette?

Also, what's the gameplay like?

essel is responsible for essentially everything graphics-wise.

gameplay really varies between maps, though i don't think so much that it's inconsistent. quite varied.

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Joshy said:

Yeah baby yeah!

Oh, um.. when will this be released?

Fuckin' never

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There'll come a day where I contribute in a project like this.

Hopefully sooner than later! Teehee.

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Not sure about that blood (lava?) texture, looks too much like a carpet... The rest is mind-blowing.

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The textures are used so well, they go so much farther than useless detail. This should be what mappers aim for, regardless of the port.

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Oh god YES. I've been waiting for this. XP

Are you looking for extra mappers, by any chance? :P

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Essel, you are always epic! I think, you don't have much time to make maps, but when you have, you make something gigantic stuff!

What sourceport would you like to make it? I mean, which source port will be the best choose to run it?

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That looks very cool, and for once I can say that with a straight face rather than silently thinking "but holy damn, there's a lot of visual clutter and crampedness in there, I bet it'll play like crap". It's all very neat and pretty, and those new textures look great.

That said, I have to say the names associated with the screenshots don't inspire me with much confidence, as many have a history of releasing great looking maps with average/poor gameplay. Here's hoping you've got a bunch of awesome playtesters in that list too long to name so this wad ends up more like PL2 than Helcore 2.0.

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So it's a really really big megawad. Does that mean there are 32 maps and the maps are really big? Or does it mean there are way more than 32 maps? or does that mean the filesize is really big? Also, how many maps are finished?

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This looks seriously epic, can't wait.

The only thing I don't like are those strange white brush strokes in the sky of shot6, what are they? I find them really distracting...

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