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So the December deadline came and went. As I've been productive, I'm not too broken up about it. I managed about 20 original tracks and the rest are covers or gathered from the internet. Here's another sample:


All told, I believe the WAD is 99% complete and I'll try to make this the last update before uploading to /newstuff (which will be next week if I can keep up this pace).

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Holy shit, it's been a good while. I now have what I hope to be a release candidate for BucketDM 2.0. It would be really cool if someone could volunteer server time for another public beta test.

This WAD contains:
32 new levels
35 new musicks
Custom skies might be cool for the final product. We'll see.

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Oh, yes. Another update at long last, thought this wasn't being worked on anymore. I managed to ask one_Two of Union servers (Zandronum) if he could get the beta hosted for you, it seems he has done. EDIT: Address is

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It's been a while. I encourage you all to check out the link in the OP; barring any major errors, this is the final version to be uploaded to /idgames.

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