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General Rainbow Bacon

100 hands community project

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I actually like doing this thing :3 Promise that this is my second-last one.

-Made fences by beginning revenants impassible
-Added some detailing here and there
-Added some monsters
-Fixed some alignment errors/missing textures
-Added one room


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dobugabumaru said:

Added some health for the starting area,

Good job. I was going add some more health at the start myself, but...

30 minutes is never enough to get to where I want


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Hmm, this project should have some more contributors, it'd be a shame to see what's already been made go to waste.

Oh since the main post doesn't have it I thought I might as well make a list of current contributors in alphabetical order:

* BloodyAcid
* Cacowad
* Death Egg
* dobugabumaru
* fiend-o-hell
* General Rainbow Bacon
* Hellbent
* Katamori
* KiiiYiiiKiiiA
* MagnificentBeard
* NoneeLlama
* walter confalonieri

So 12 people total. I guess if we were to live up to the WAD's name, there'd need to be 50 different contributors total. (2 hands each) Either that or just 50 different updates.

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So... I know this project is ancient but I recently remembered it. Anybody want to start working on it again? A shame to have it rot forever.

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Cacowad said:

i still have the last part i did at the time, if no more recent versions are found i can upload it.

the one that dobu gabu maru made? I've downloaded that right now...

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