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Hide and Seek mod- Accepting maps!

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gemini09 said:

Also, I'm back to a familiar problem with GZDoom, which is that TOTAL DARKNESS is like a myth that the engine has never heard of.

Have you tried tweaking the ambient light level in OpenGL Preferences? A setting around 10 with the "Doom" sector light mode works quite well on my monitor. I'm doing most of my testing with Zandronum's software renderer, that port's still some way behind G/ZDoom feature-wise so if anything fails it'll probably fail there first.

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It's possibly overkill but since ports all handle lighting a little differently, I'd say if you want to get total darkness (as best can be expected) then use 0 for the light value. If some ports still afford some visibility at this level then I think it would just have to be accepted. Ultimately, like most multiplayer games, players will adjust brightness to suit as best allowed by the games so for a gamemode that really relies on visibilty cues you might need to look at offering complicated visuals as well (ie players of different colors could possibly blend into the environment). So a player might change their colour scheme to suit the colours in the map - I know I would ;0)

Interesting to see if any brown1 or startan player skins appear ;0)

Maybe that could be a powerup *L* change the player to texture like a particular wall texture.

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My map is about done. It was fun. :)



requires http://realm667.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1075:xtra-lites-texture-pack&catid=55:doom-style&Itemid=189

if you can set up a server or something I'd definitely like to join in..

what do you think, Krispy? There are still some things I have in mind..

(it's for OpenGL Zanondrum)

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Oh, wonderful. The more I play your map, the more I like it. I fixed the map crashing thingy, so all that's left to do is fix the seeker crouching thing and collect more maps! And yes that is an invitation, you people who are reading this.

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