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Hall Of The Saint

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I made a Heretic level. It's sort of my first Heretic level, unless I count the few I made some 10 years ago that I no longer have.

Anyway, Hall Of The Saint is a simple level with many monsters. Sort of a slaughter level, but not anything insane. There's plenty of bombs, few eggs and some books. It should also work in deathmatch.


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Pretty intense, reminded me of Hordes of Chaos. enjoyed it very much.
Visualy it was alright and the layout was basic and nice.
Overall I really liked it, GJ Jimi.

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Is there a rule somewhere that Heretic PWADs need to use obscene amounts of monsters? :P

Enjoyed it, I did. Looks are just right, it was fun, and mega bonus points for cleaning up the automap and making the wad name "hotsaint". :P

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Very cool little map. Health is a bit scarce, given the opposition, but it's part of the challenge.

The secrets are too easy to find, though.

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I usually don't enjoy slaughter maps (or Heretic, for that matter), but I decided to give this a go. ZDoom 2.6.1 FDA:


I apologize about the area before the yellow key. I know it's going to be incredibly painful to watch that part. Overall I thought it was pretty fun, probably too many timebombs and eggs, though.

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Thanks all :)

Maybe the amount of monsters is high usually in PWADs (in Doom too), because the original levels have less? In the original levels I pretty much never use any of the items, except quartz flasks. All the others I save for when there would be more monsters, or when there are, maybe I don't have any timebombs or eggs? Hexen has a better supply of them, and I wanted to have similar amounts of them in this.

Nice demo. Liked when those two golems decided gang up on the ophidian. Mmm.. maybe I should have made the non locked door more different from the locked one. I guess those fire thingys got mixed to the yellow locked door statues?

I decided to record a demo too, also in ZDoom 2.6.1. Seems I forgot to pickup 2 bombs.. ehh.. http://koti.mbnet.fi/jeejeeje/doom/hotsaint_jca_001.zip

And seems like that one secret doesn't seem to trigger easily, as player might fly over it and pick up the egg without touching the floor of the sector...

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