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Do you feel burned out with Brutal Doom?

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I tried out Brutal Doom because of this thread. I think it's been unfairly misrepresented by some people here. Yes it has the superficial facade of a gory joke wad but what's impressive to me is how much work and care has gone into rebalancing the game according to the creatively reworked gameplay.

I've actually been playing (Brutal) Doom 2 through with my 360 pad instead of a mouse, and something about playing it this way evokes the feeling I had as a 14 year old playing through Doom for the first time on our new 486. Because then I wasn't flying around with mouse controls at 100mph treating everything has shotgun fodder. Enemies still posed a threat then as I crept forward nudging left and right with the keyboard to dodge fireballs and marvelling at the overboard gore on display.

Gameplay-wise of course it's not classic Doom, but I like the fact that everything seems to be done in a way that's faithful to the spirit of the original and 90s FPSs is general. I didn't realise I'd missed gibbing enemies quite so much :) I'm glad id saw this - I'm honestly having more fun with this than I've had with an FPS in a long time. It pulled me away from Halo 4 and Far Cry 3 is feeling rather abandoned right now.

I know there those on here for whom the idea of a y axis alone is sacrilege, let alone the other developments Brutal incorporates, but in all honesty I think that in gameplay/gunplay terms, viewed as a modern FPS, Brutal Doom gives many commercial titles a run for their money.

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I once tried to compare what's more fun , WOS.WAD MAP16 with Brutal Doom and WOS.WAD MAP16 with regular Doom , and on brutal doom it was impossible because the weapons waste the ammo much fast and the monsters are over powered , in other words it's unbalanced , I mean try to compare playing Hell revealed on Brutal doom and regular doom , Oh hell , hell revealed with Brutal doom... I can't imagine.

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Lippeth said:

What a productive topic for the community.

I have to ask, why did you come into a thread just to shitpost

I mean, I see you've had positive input to contribute in that other Brutal Doom thread and I really don't know jack shit about you, but wow, this is a remarkable shitpost

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wesleyjohnson said:

It is called desensitization. After too much brutal doom some people will need to see violence similar to baby seals being clubbed to get any kind of feeling out of the game. You need to look at something non-violent for a while. Try a dose of the Chex wads.

This is another good option:

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Fisk said:

I have to ask, why did you come into a thread just to shitpost

It was linked from the other one, and after reading through 20+ post going back and forth with "no substance" this, or "I'm converted" that, I stopped to think about how we're really hung up about this mod, and not in the most productive way. It IS entertaining to read post after post of people getting into such passionate arguments over how much they love/hate whatever about BD, but after subscribing to this thread via email, hearing my phone go off every fifteen seconds and already knowing exactly what I was going to be reading, I had to vent by writing a sarcastic comment before unsubscribing to this thread. I literally lost sleep because of the popularity of this mod via notifications.

Sorry about that, I got caught up in the heat of it all. I could almost swear that there's some sort of witchcraft in the coding of Brutal Doom that makes people stop exactly what they're doing to comment about how they can't play vanilla anymore, or how offended they are that a mod took advantage of the Y axis.

hex11 said:

Far out, thanks man.

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Miracle has happened. I stopped playing Doom for a while, then in another laptop I downloaded brutal doom new version but they have changed so much stuff (I like zooming rifle but not this big iron in front of my face) that I hated it. Then because I for a long time stop playing and played the original only, when I came back to the older Brutal Doom version it didn't appeal so much to me. Finally, I can stay back to the classic doom gameplay, before I try another version!

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