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DOOM II Projekt Xero & Greetings!

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Well, not really and I apologize if I've offended anyone and didn't mean to make light of the disorder but, here's the deal.

TLDR version is at the bottom.

Some of you may be wondering why the updates to Projekt Xero have been slow and for those of you who HAVE been wondering, this is why.

Dispite work going smoothly, Kamila feels that this wad file might be too "advanced" for our first outing. She feels like the story restricts her design ideas (example would be Elizavetta's version of MAP01, as opposed to Kamila's).

She's been sketching around in vanilla DOOM II compatibility while Elizavetta works out kinks in Projekt Xero's MAP03 and I have to say, some of the designs are neat but, they are quite... un-real worldly, for lack of a better (or actual) word.

It got me thinking, is this normal for groups of people (mainly new mappers to do this?).

We haven't contacted Abiageal O'meara yet (our music composer) but, assuming we went through with this thing, and keeping it in vanilla would mean MIDI music over Abiageal's current soundtrack in progress for Projekt Xero.

I know next to nothing of music and Abiageal knows very little of DOOM.

Firstly, she uses an Apple Macintosh with Logic Pro 9. I recently got my hands on the soundtracks for DOOM and DOOM II and I really do like the midi sequences used. We'd like to include Abiageal in the project. Trouble is, we would like the music to sound as vanilla as possible.

Logic I don't know much of, but, it does some pretty neat stuff as I do love the Projekt Xero soundtrack, mainly MAP01, 02, intermission, MAP03, 04, 06, 09 but, in midi form, its well... an ear buster. It just doesn't work. Abiageal spent A LOT of time on the arrangements and when we requested midi for alternate downloads, she complied but said it was so bad, she didn't even want to send it (though, she did) and well, we can see why.


Is this silly? Should we keep working projekt xero instead of putting it on hold? is kamila crazy?

are there any (namely Macintosh) midi software composers that might give more of a vanilla doom sound?

Thanks in advance!

Little Temple Group

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After some computer problems and a slight redraw of the blueprints for MAP03, we've finally finished it.

Kamila did take some time on other maps and may devote her vanilla project all to herself after projekt xero is done but for now, this is our top priority.

This map is mixed this time, though the main blueprints were drawn up by Kamila, Elizavetta put a lot of her ideas into it during the mapping process and as such, credit will go to the both of them when we updated the readme file.

Maps may from now on take slightly longer because we plan on trading off.

Kamila did the first 2 maps by herself but, to get everyone involved. Elizavetta will help Kamila with MAP04 as well. Than Valentine will work with Kamila on the next two, and than myself, and it'll keep going with that pattern.

We hope you enjoy =)

Kamila has also been working slightly with Deathmatch maps for the project.

The music for the UAC Research Lab Main Hall (MAP03) is already in the PRXMUS wad you have if you downloaded the last time we posted an update on the project.



Little Temple Group

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Another small update!

After giving the wadfile to close friends and letting them play it, we realized it is horrible unbalanced in it's current form.

So, we took the three maps we have, deleted all monsters, health, ammo and re-added them.

So, the wad file now supports multiple difficulties and level 1 feels more like level 1 instead of level 20.


Tells us what you think!


Little Temple Group

Further down is spoilers.

On easy and normal, the red keycard in MAP01 is now in the Imp compartment behind the computer wall in the dark grey and blue room and the pillar where the red key is on hard has a health bonus on easy and normal.

On easy and normal, the yellow keycard in MAP02 is now in a small compartment on the wall behind the piller that lowers behind the crushers. The pillar that had the yellow key now has a backpack on easy and normal. On hard, the new yellow key compartment has a rocket, and the yellow key remains in it's old place.

On easy and normal, the blue keycard in MAP03 is now on top of the two containers where the switch to lower the pillar for the blue keycard is on hard. When playing on easy or normal, there is a box of shells on the pillar where the blue key is on hard.

We added a new sector to extend the exit chamber in MAP03.

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