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Opinions of slaughtermaps?

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Macblain said:

I have been averse to slaughter maps because I dislike memorization/rehearsal-oriented gameplay.

This is, to begin with, a false assumption regarding slaughter maps. They don't really require memorization or rehearsal any more than other types of maps. To be precise, it's hard maps that may require rehearsal or memorization to play properly, but even then it depends on where the map's challenge comes from.

For example, if a map is difficult because the ammo in it is scarce and well hidden, you'll need to memorize where the items are placed and what kind of encounters you'll face so that you can use better ammo at the best possible times. An easy slaughter map, on the other hand, can give you more than generous ammo with lots of space to evade enemy attacks so that you'll never be in any real danger. A map like that wouldn't require any actual memorization, since any seasoned Doomer can fight the (very) predictable monsters without problems.

The best tip I can give is: Be as aware of your surroundings as humanly possible. When you enter a new room quickly look around and note any items lying around, cover, obstacles, monster ledges and so forth. In the heat of a battle you might not have much time to look around for places to run to, thus knowing it beforehand can really save your ass. It's also valuable to have a sixth sense as for where the enemies will move and how their projectiles move. Though, this is something that you can get only by playing the game enough.

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Ribbiks said:

I'm unsure where many people draw the line and start calling things 'slaughtermaps'. to me the term conveys encounter-based mapping where each room is intended to create a unique and difficult challenge that can be reliably beaten with enough skill/practice, not necessarily just maps with 'X or more' monsters.

I'm not so sure, either, I saw a "slaughter map" with about 125 monsters in it or something, so I have no idea.

I think they refer to the challenges proposed by these rooms, or maybe the amount of monsters, or both.

To be brutally honest, I don't like slaughter maps. My definition of a slaughter map is the player is pitted against many monsters at once, usually with powerful weapons at their disposal. Some maps I see have 1000+ monsters, but are really long and are a lot more possible along my lines. However, that doesn't say they all suck, I'm just not too fond of them.

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When it comes to slaughtermaps, it varies from each individual slaughtermap. I do understand certain slaughtermaps (Sunder in particular) being epic maps, but some arenas (Map14's final arena, the one where the switch to access the exit is, being the one that stands out in my mind) are a bit too cramped for my liking.

Also, my opinion on each slaughtermap depends on if the enemies come in big waves in the middle of normal action, or if a big horde of enemies comes at you right at the start. Then again, this is me preferring such maps to maps that are excessive switch hunts; those kind of maps usually do my head in because of having to find out what switch does what.

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ForeverViLe said:

Some slaughter maps are fun and some slaughter maps aren't.

Lol that goes for any type of map!!! I love slaughter maps when their done right but i hate slaughter maps that arnt fair at all.

But i do agree some slaughter wads are horrible.

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I have yet to play one that I genuinely like, but I'm sure there are some very good ones out there. Not really my gameplay style tho.

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